Discover the Wonders of Mallee Root Charcoal

December 2, 2022

The mention of barbeque causes most people's mouths to water because of the tantalising smoky fragrances and smells. As the seasons change, many Australians are getting ready for the new BBQ season. Numerous traditions have developed to mark special events in people's calendars. Barbecue grilling is the preferred method of food preparation for all of these parties and gatherings. Australians are big fans of backyard barbeque.

Today, we will discover more about Mallee Root Charcoal and what it can bring to your palatable table.


The large planting of Mallee Eucalyptus trees in Western Australia is the source of Mallee Charcoal. While the trees are processed for their oil and wood, the roots are removed to generate charcoal. Mallee Root Charcoal is a product of Western Australia. One of the advantages of utilising Mallee charcoal is that it encourages the cultivation of trees, a sustainable energy source. When it comes to its usage as a fuel for barbecuing, Mallee burns at a lower temperature than Mangrove does. Because of this, it is an ideal charcoal fuel for cooking meat and vegetables that require less heat to avoid being charred.

Our Type of Mallee Root Charcoal

We supply BBQ enthusiasts in Melbourne with Mallee Root Lump Charcoal. Charcoal made from mallee stumps comes in hulking, basketball-sized chunks and has a density between medium and hard. No need to panic, though; if you ever come across one of these, all it takes is a quick tap with a hammer to shatter it into manageable pieces. Mallee root lump coal is perfect for a coal bed in your charcoal barbeque since it does not burn as hot as gidgee. When used for char grilling, the heat generated is just enough for thoroughly cooking meat without scorching the exterior and leaving the inside raw, as may happen with some of the lighter, faster-burning coals on the market in Australia.

Exceptional Characteristics

If you are concerned about excessive ash production, the best natural charcoal to use is mallee root charcoal because it has one of the lowest ash producers compared to other natural charcoals available in Australia. Mallee root charcoal can be purchased at most hardware stores.

The border region of New South Wales and Victoria is the origin of our chemical-free and environmentally responsible Mallee lump coal. It is screened using a 30mm sift to ensure that as few crumbs as possible remain in the final product. The bags contain some considerably larger lumps than the average size, roughly 70 millimetres, but they also contain much smaller ones. As a result of the fragility of charcoal, bags of it will invariably have tiny fragments since the coal will break up while being transported. If a store states that all of its coal is enormous and there are no smaller crumbs, you should not believe them.

The charcoal in Mallee burns for varying amounts of time, which means that it won't all go out at the same time, which is an advantage of the unusual sizes and forms of the Mallees. Because of this, it is the only option that may be used for spit roasting. When used in ceramic cookers such as large green eggs and komodos, this is also a significant benefit since it allows you to obtain steady temperatures and lengthy cook times without removing everything and adding additional coal.

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