Usage Tips for Mallee Root or Mangrove Charcoal Ovens

December 11, 2017

Stepping into the backyard and lighting up the grill on your day off is probably one of the most fulfilling actions in the world. Here at John Tiras Pty LTD, we have been helping our customers to find the right fuel products for these kinds of relaxing afternoons. Today, we are going to set our sights on two alternative fuel sources for a nice afternoon of grilling: Mallee Root and Mangrove Charcoal. While these two options look familiar at a glance, they are not your conventional grilling-fuel options. Let's break down Mallee Root and Mangrove Charcoal while learning a few key tips to get the most out of the fuel.

Mallee Root and Mangrove Charcoal

If you've spent any measure of time at the grill, you know that your fuel source is the engine that keeps your grill going. Conventional charcoal can be effective but there are drawbacks. There is a reason that people are eager to seek out fueling alternatives, and that brings us to our discussion of Malle Root and Mangrove Charcoal. Let's quickly break down these two fuel sources before delving deeper into a few usage tips to maximise your time at the grill.

1. Mallee Root - The Mallee Eucalyptus Tree is the source for this style of charcoal. As these trees get processed for their raw materials, such as the oil and wood, the roots of the plant are taken out to make charcoal.

2. Mangrove Charcoal - This type of fuel is sourced straight from large Mangrove Trees. These trees are primarily used throughout our coastlines in order to prevent soil erosion.

Using Mallee Root and Mangrove Charcoal

Alright, so now we know a little bit about both Mangrove Charcoal and Mallee Charcoal. However, we still don't know why you should use these options and how to get the most out of them. Fortunately, we have that information available for you as well. Let's break down each fuel-type with a few usage tips.

1. Mallee Root Charcoal - With mallee root charcoal, you are getting a fuel source that burns much hotter than most other conventional fuel sources. It burns way hotter than mangrove charcoal. If you want to take your steak grilling game to the next level, this type of fuel will give you that quick and powerful sear that you have been looking for.

2. Mangrove Charcoal - With Mangrove Charcoal, you are getting a fuel that burns more evenly whereas mallee root is harder to control. Use mangrove charcoal on your more delicate grilling options so that you can get a more subtle and perfect cook.

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