How to Pick the Right Charcoal Product for an Aussie Summer Barbecue

December 13, 2019

Australians enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities in this country during the summer, including an Aussie-style barbecue or BBQ. While some may think of hamburgers and other fast-cooking foods for this purpose, the true form of this cooking method here is low-and-slow technique for cooking those meats that require a longer time to soak up the rub and smoke flavours. The first method is considered grilling, and the second method is the traditional meaning of an Aussie barbecue. To plan one of these BBQ or grilling experiences for that fact, you will need a charcoal grill or smoker, your favourite meats and other edibles, seasoning rub and do not forget the right type of charcoal product for your needs. It is the latter that we are here to help you know how to select with the following information.

The Charcoal Must Have a Good Thermal Conductivity

Without effective thermal conductivity, you will not be able to generate sufficient heat to smoke or grill your food easily. At times, you will waste your efforts entirely when you choose the wrong type of charcoal. In addition, a charcoal of an Aussie summer BBQ should be slow-burning to cook your food for long periods of time, but it does not need to be as slow-burning for grilling.

You Want a Charcoal That Produces a Low Amount of Ash

Barbecuing or grilling is less of a hassle with low-ash charcoal since you will not have to tend the fire as often, and your food will not contain ash residue to spoil its flavour. Nothing is worse than ashy food results.

Reduced Smoke Output Also Is Favourable for Charcoal

Even though you want to infuse your food with a smoky flavour during barbecuing or grilling, you do not need a charcoal that gives off excessive smoke. Too much smoke makes it difficult to control the coals and the level of smokiness.

Two Popular Charcoals for an Aussie Summer Barbecue

Among the most popular charcoals in Australia the following two stand out above the rest:

• Mallee root charcoal
is a clean-burning charcoal that is ideal for slow-cooking meats and vegetables for the perfect Aussie summer BBQ. The source of this charcoal is the roots of the Mallee Eucalyptus trees that grow abundantly in various places in Western Australia.

• Mangrove charcoal comes from the hardwood tree with the same name. It is a bit faster burning than the Mallee root charcoal is, which makes it ideal for searing meat and cooking meat for short periods of time. Also, it provides just the right amount of smokiness to the flavour of your foods. The Mangrove trees grow quickly along this country’s coastlines.

Turn to John Tiras Pty Ltd for further facts about how to choose the correct charcoal product for an Aussie summer barbecue. We sell both the Mallee root and Mangrove charcoal as well as other products for use in fireplaces, grills and smokers.

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