Mallee Root or Mangrove Charcoal? Choosing the Right One for Your Backyard Barbeque

December 13, 2018

While Australians like to spend time outdoors, there is one activity that nearly everyone enjoys doing together, and that is grilling food. A backyard barbeque with friends and family is something that everyone looks forward too. When preparing for such a memorable event, one needs to make sure to use high-quality fuel for the grill, so as to produce the best food as possible.

Choosing the Right Charcoal for Your Backyard Barbeque

One of the main ingredients that make backyard barbequing so popular is the taste of food grilled right, and that can only happen with the right type of fuel. Why does fuel matter when barbequing food? That is an excellent question to ask. The answer is simple, it makes sure that food tastes its best.

Two of the most popular fuels for backyard grilling are Mallee Root charcoal and Mangrove charcoal. What makes these charcoals so desirable? Basically, the fuel type used during your BBQ get together will have a huge impact on the flavour of your food, as will the way you grill food – your technique.

However, both of these charcoals do have their own characteristics, and pros and cons as a fuel type, which are explained below:

Mallee Root Charcoal – The Mallee Eucalyptus tree, which is found abundantly throughout Western Australia, is the source of Mallee root charcoal. The roots of the tree are harvested as a renewable fuel source. This type of charcoal does not burn as hot as Mangrove charcoal, but that does make it ideal for barbecuing vegetables and certain kinds of meat that are more resilient and need longer time on the grill.

Mangrove Charcoal – Mangrove trees are the source of this BBQ fuel. The trees grow quickly, and are being planted along coastlines as an effective way to control soil erosion. Once harvested, the wood is used specifically for making charcoal, as Mangrove charcoal provides a delicious smokey flavour that people crave. And because Mangrove burns hotter than Mallee root charcoal, it is often used for searing meat.

Because not all charcoals are made the same, it is advised to buy quality charcoal from a reliable source for your backyard barbeque, and avoid cheaper lump charcoal that produces inconsistent flavour and temperature because of flareups.

You can find quality Mallee Root and Mangrove charcoal at John Tiras – a reliable source of premium charcoal, firewood, and kindling, as well as other quality fuel products, such as Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes.

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