Benefits of Using Red Gum Firewood for your Pizza Oven

December 1, 2017

So, you've finally managed to get a brand new pizza oven installed into your home. Whether you have a massive outdoor pizza oven, or one built for personal use in your kitchen -- you are sitting pretty and ready for a hot slice. There's just one problem, you need to find a product to use in order to heat your oven. What do you choose? Are all types of fuel made equally? The answer for many people is simple: opt for red gum firewood. Today, we are going to discuss how red gum firewood can improve your pizza oven, save your dinner, and make you the most popular pizza cooker on the block.

What is Red Gum Firewood?

Alright, so if you are a novice to the oven game then all wood likely looks the same to you. What's so special about this red gum firewood? Well, the truth is that there are a lot of little things that separate each different type of wood. Red gum is a type of hardwood that is incredibly dense and typically grows in some shade of red, whether darker or lighter depends on your source. Because of the beautiful appearance of the wood, red gum has become popular for furniture and decorative appliance makers all around the world. However, you aren't here to make a cabinet out of the material. You are here to make some pizza.

Why choose Red Gum Firewood?

Alright, let's get down to serious business. If you are reading this blog then you likely want to know why red gum firewood is the type of material that you trust for your next pizza dinner. We can help explore and explain this topic. Let's look at a few integral benefits to the red gum firewood before you use it to fill up your oven.

Burning Stability - To start off, red gum firewood burns longer and cleaner than other options you run into. Red gum itself will burn at a higher temperature and thus allow you to get in and cook your pizza to that perfect finish.

Clean Fuel - Because of the durability that we have mentioned, red gum firewood does not actually emit much smoke. A further benefit is the fact that red gum firewood does not leave much ash leftover, either! Cleaning is simple, easy and fast.

Clean Energy - Red gum firewood is also a renewable energy source that doesn't emit dangerous pollutants when burned. You can burn clean fuel while enjoying your favourite slice of pizza pie, what could be better?

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