FAQ: Can You Use Red Gum Firewood for Grilling?

December 10, 2018

Red gum firewood has many qualities that make it an ideal firewood. That is why it is one of the most preferred types of firewood for use in fireplaces and commercial ovens. It is a durable, dense, and versatile hardwood that is even used in constructing flooring and furniture.

Because it is such a versatile hardwood that has many uses, one of the most frequent question people ask is if red gum can also be used for grilling food? The answer is yes. In fact, the characteristics that make red gum hardwood a good choice for firewood are the same qualities that make it a good firewood for grilling food.

Reasons Why Red Gum Firewood is Good for Grilling

The same qualities that make red gum such as desirable firewood are the same reasons why it is good for grilling food. Some of the qualities of red gum firewood are listed here:

  • Slow burning with consistent heat – for wood to be considered desirable for firewood and for grilling food, it needs to produce consistent heat. That is why hardwoods are the best because they are denser than softwood and burn hotter, slower, longer, and steadier, which provides reliable consistent heat to cook with.
  • Burns with a moderate amount of smoke – some softwoods contain more natural oils than hardwoods and will often flare-up and produce a lot of smoke. Red gum firewood will not flare-up unexpectedly when burning and produces much less smoke than softwood does.
  • Flavourful smoke – one of the best ways to flavour food when grilling is to use quality firewood, such as hickory wood. Like hickory, red gum is a local favourite wood used by many in Australia to grill food because it delivers a desirable smoky flavour people love.
  • Reliable base wood – when the need arises, and you have other types of wood available to cook with, red gum firewood can be used effectively as a base wood to stabilise heat output, and to make sure the fire doesn’t burn out too quickly. Also, by mixing other types of wood together with red gum, it will help you to get your fire going faster.
  • Inexpensive and readily available – because red gum is sourced locally, it is readily available and inexpensive compared to other hardwoods used for grilling.

Red Gum Firewood is good for grilling, for all of the reasons mentioned above, and, you can find a reliable source red gum firewood in Melbourne, as well as quality charcoal and kindling, at John Tiras.

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