Mangrove Charcoal and Mallee Root Charcoal: What are The Differences?

August 5, 2016

There are lots of things to do in Australia, and one popular and particularly hot thing to do is barbecuing at home with friends and family. Today, many folks are choosing charcoal barbecuing over gas-fired grills, for good reason – steak tastes better on a charcoal grill. This smokey art isn’t restricted to just summertime fun, no, you can enjoy barbecuing all year-long, if you have a regular charcoal supplier.

There are many brands of charcoal available, with a few kinds of charcoal to choose from, such as Mangrove charcoal or Mallee root charcoal, which has incited many barbecuing enthusiasts to ask, “What’s the difference between the two?”

The Difference between Mangrove Charcoal and Mallee Root Charcoal

To understand the difference between these two charcoals, Mangrove and Mallee Root, it is best to define their sources.

Mangrove Charcoal – from the expansive mangrove trees that help to protect coastlines from soil erosion, these are cultivated and used to process charcoal because the roots and branches grow quickly. It is ideal, in that its popular use as a barbecuing fuel has promoted the planting of mangrove forest along coastal areas, to repel soil corrosion, and to provide homes for many species of animals. As a charcoal, it is preferred because it burns hotter than most other woods and is used in kilns for burning clay, and for barbecuing perfect steaks.

Mallee Charcoal – sourced from the extensive planting of Mallee Eucalyptus trees in Western Australia, as the trees are processed for their oil and wood, the roots are harvested to make charcoal. The benefits of using Mallee charcoal is promoting tree planting as a renewable for of energy. In regards to its use as a barbecuing fuel, Mallee does not burn as hot as Mangrove, making it a better charcoal fuel for meat and vegetables that require less heat to cook, and to prevent charring.

Here at Charcoal Melbourne - John Tiras Pty Ltd, we understand the desire of Australians to enjoy barbecue with their family and friends, which is why we are proud to supply both Mangrove and Mallee Root charcoal, as well as Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes, to the barbecuing community, all year-long.

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