Why Should You Not Settle for Cheap Charcoal for Barbecuing?

September 19, 2019

Barbecuing is a well-established tradition in most Australian homes, as it is an activity that brings family and friends together. Preparing for a barbecue gathering is fairly simple; the most important ingredient you should have readied is quality charcoal. Seasoned BBQ cooks will tell you that if you want to grill delicious food then you should not settle for cheap charcoal for barbecuing.

Why Avoid Cheap Charcoal for Barbecuing

The reason why you should not settle for cheap charcoal for barbecuing is simple to understand; the type and quality of charcoal affects the taste of the food you are grilling. For example, cheap charcoal contains many additives that can negatively affect the taste of food when it burns.

Not only is low grade charcoal not recommended to use for barbecuing food, but it does not store well either. If not stored properly, cheap charcoal can easily become contaminated with mold, and when damp, it can be nearly impossible to ignite. Instead, professional BBQ cooks recommend using quality Mallee root charcoal, Mangrove charcoal, or Heat Beads BBQ briquettes to barbecue foods.

Food that is grilled using quality charcoal, such as mallee root charcoal and mangrove charcoal has more flavour to it and taste better than food grilled with cheap charcoal. The smoke from quality mallee root and mangrove charcoals have delicious flavouring capabilities that imbue food with that desirable barbecue taste that people have to come to crave, which is why successful restaurants strictly use only the best charcoals.

Only Settle for Quality Mallee Root Charcoal and Mangrove Charcoal

For those who are new to grilling food and wonder where the delicious BBQ flavour comes from, the answer is simple – it comes from using only quality charcoal, such as mallee root and mangrove charcoals. So, if you enjoy grilled food that has that deep smokey BBQ flavour people love, then don’t settle for cheap charcoal, invest in the best lump charcoal – mallee root and mangrove charcoals.

Mallee root charcoal and mangrove charcoal are commonly used in restaurants specifically to add that deep smokey flavour people expect from barbecuing meats and vegetables, and you can too! So, if you are like most people who love that deep smokey BBQ flavour, then make sure you keep quality charcoal on-hand.

You can find high-quality mallee root charcoal, mangrove charcoal, and Heat Beads BBQ briquettes, as well as kindling and firewood, here at John Tiras – wholesaler and retailer of quality charcoals and firewood.

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