Why People Like Barbecues: It’s All About the Smokey Charcoal Flavor

June 8, 2018

Statistics have shown that most people in Australia prefer charcoal grilling. The reason for this is simple, when compared to gas grilling, smokey charcoal flavour just taste better. It may seem that charcoal has a magical effect on food flavouring, and it can, but most people don’t realise where the desired smokey flavour really comes from.

While most people like barbecuing, it is often noticed that the smokey flavour of the food is not as consistent as expected. The main reason for this is the type of charcoal being used and the kinds of food that you are barbecuing. If the right type of charcoal is used, the desired smokey charcoal flavour people love can be achieved.

Smokey Charcoal Flavor is Why People Like Barbecues

There are many types of charcoal available today. Unfortunately, most people often choose the cheapest lump charcoal they can find, not realising that when barbecuing it is the quality of the charcoal that gives flavour to their food. Mallee root charcoal, Mangrove charcoal, and Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes are the most desirable types to use when barbecuing, as these imbue all types of food with that smokey charcoal flavour people crave.

Because it is the type of charcoal that affects the taste of your food, it just makes sense to choose the best charcoal for barbecuing. Because inexpensive lump charcoal is commonly used, the inconsistent flavour and heat it produces is why many are left scratching their heads.

But when you compare lump charcoal with Mangrove charcoal, Mallee root charcoal, and Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes, and you understanding the difference between them, you can make sure that the next time you barbecue with friends and family you will have that smokey charcoal flavour everyone expects.

The Smokey Flavor of Mallee Root Charcoal and Mangrove Charcoal

Compared to lump charcoal that is made from various types of wood, as well as other ingredients that often produces inconsistent food flavouring, Mallee root charcoal and Mangrove charcoal are far superior. This is because these deliver wood-smoked flavouring people love, without negatively affecting the natural flavour of your food when barbecuing.

In fact, both Mallee root charcoal and Mangrove charcoal are specifically used in many restaurants in Australia, as these produce a steady heat that is good for cooking and a mild, delicious smokey flavour. So, if it is good enough for restaurants and professional cooks, then it is good enough for your next barbeque get-together with friends and family.

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