What Makes Lump Charcoal Ideal to Use for Grilling During Winter?

July 9, 2021

A far better choice for grilling and general outdoor cooking is lump charcoal. If you are wondering why lump charcoal is a better choice for wintertime cookery, then here are some excellent reasons. Below are reasons why lump charcoal is ideal to use for grilling during the winter.

Lump Charcoal is Dry

Lump charcoal is a completely dry material compared to wooden logs. As such, it neither collects ambient moisture nor does it hide any moisture inside it. Not only does it provide a far more consistent and even heat all throughout, it also prevents crackling and sudden small bursts or explosions that can send sparks flying outside of your grill and onto your clothes. In the absence of moisture, your fuel will also not generate any amount of steam, which helps you achieve a perfect sear and thoroughly penetrative heat to ensure even cooking.

Lump Charcoal is Dense

Lump charcoal is far denser than firewood, primarily due to the processing that wood undergoes in order for it to become charcoal. This density allows it to retain heat and give off heat for longer periods of time, without the need to completely fill up your grill as you would with firewood.

Lump Charcoal is Cost Efficient

When it comes to cost effectiveness, lump charcoal is more appealing than using an electric grill to cook food. The cost of using electricity for a few hours to grill food for your family and friends can be a bit expensive, especially when compared to the price of the amount of lump charcoal you could use instead.

Lump Charcoal is Portable

With lump charcoal you can literally grill food anywhere, and it's easy to carry and transport. Unlike electric grills, these are bulky and not easy to transport, and, they cannot be used anywhere. Basically you are limited by an extension cord and the availability of electricity, which is typically lacking in outdoor settings such as parks, backyards, and when camping.

Unlike firewood which can be very difficult to lug around, lump charcoal is far more portable. If you've ever had notions of camping in the wintertime and grilling some food outdoors, you'd have a far better chance of doing so efficiently with lump charcoal than you would with firewood.

Lump Charcoal Makes Grilled Food Taste Better

When compared to electric grilled food, ask anyone, food grilled over an open charcoal flame tastes much better, especially with quality lump charcoal that gives off that smoky flavour people love. Nothing tastes as good as roasting meat for a prolonged period, and if you are one of those people who craves smoky barbecued foods, then you will not be satisfied with food cooked on an electric grill.

While many people hold on to the idea that newer means better, it just isn’t the case when it comes to grilling food. This is why barbecuing with lump charcoal is better than using an electric grill, and, you can find quality lump charcoal for your next barbecue gathering at John Tiras – a reliable supplier of premier charcoal and firewood in Melbourne.

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