Ways to Create a Long Lasting Burning Charcoal without the Lighter Fluid

May 10, 2017

Grilling and barbeques are quintessential cooking techniques found throughout the whole world. Famed everywhere for the simple, rustic, and wholesome approach to food preparation, barbeques also make for an excellent excuse to bring family and friends together. For many people, starting a fire for a grill or a wood-burning stove couldn’t be any simpler – splash some lighter fluid or petrol as a combustible fire-starter, flick a match and watch things burn.

For connoisseurs of grilling and barbequing however, nothing could be more detrimental to a good barbeque than using flammable liquids as fire-starters. Not only do these flammable liquids change the overall flavour of the food cooked or grilled onto the charcoal, with the off-smell that will never be ‘burnt off’ of the charcoal or the food cooked in it, it also creates a very uneven and unpredictable heating temperature that is extremely hot in some parts, while moderately hot in other areas. This results in an off-tasting and unevenly cooked meal.

Any cook who cares about the quality of the food they prepare will want to find an efficient and consistent way to create a long-lasting, even-burning charcoal that can easily be set alight, and that leaves no off aromas or flavours in the food. This age-old dream is now a reality, thanks to Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes – a revolutionary product that changes everything you know about grilling.

Made from 100% natural powdered charcoal, and bound rock solid with the help of mineralised carbon, these briquettes burn cleanly, evenly, and consistently – with the added bonus of producing only a limited amount of smoke, making it ideal for any grilling style or cooking application, without the use of lighter fluid.

Unlike natural charcoal which does not provide even and consistent heat, and takes a while to be set alight even with the use of lighter fluid, Heat Bricks catch fire quickly and provide long-lasting heating all throughout the whole cooking cycle, requiring very little tending or fanning. This not only guarantees evenly cooked, succulent meals devoid of any odour, other than their natural aromas, but it also makes the whole process of grilling enjoyable and easy – which is how it should be!

If you want to revolutionise the way you grill your foods, then pick up some Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes today, at John Tiras – a supplier of premium charcoal and firewood.

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