Top Quality Mallee Root and Mangrove Charcoal for Competitive BBQ in Australia

April 2, 2019

Competitive BBQ in Australia is a popular and growing sport, with enthusiastic participant all over the country. Originating in the United States, competitive BBQ in Australia has taken root, and, it is now an actual national sport.

While there are many international events, Australia has many local BBQ competitions that are highly competitive. Because of this, BBQ chefs everywhere are trying to get the upper hand anyway they can. One way to do this is by using only the best charcoal available, such as mallee root charcoal and mangrove charcoal.

Serious competitors use only the best charcoal available when participating in BBQ competitions, for a number of reasons. Mainly, for the same reasons that professional cooks and chefs prefer to use mallee root charcoal and mangrove charcoal, as these are reliable fuel sources.

For Competitive BBQ in Australia Only Use Top Quality Mallee Root and Mangrove Charcoal

If you have plans to enter a BBQ competition, don’t go in with less than top quality charcoal, as it will greatly increase your chances of winning. Stay away from inexpensive lump charcoal, as it is typically made from various soft wood and will often flare-up, smoke too much, and burn too hot, too fast, which can taint food with undesirable flavour and cause meat to not be thoroughly cooked.

Instead, use top-quality mallee root charcoal and mangrove charcoal, both provide consistent heat and much less smoke than inexpensive lump charcoal. If you want to be prepared for the next competitive BBQ event, then you need the benefits of the best charcoal available to increase your chances winning.

Below are some of the benefits of using mallee root charcoal and mangrove charcoal for competitive BBQ in Australia:

Mangrove charcoal – chefs and cooks in commercial kitchens and restaurants prefer to use mangrove charcoal because it is a reliable fuel. It burns steadily, doesn’t flare-up, and the smoke it produces imbues meat and food with a delicious smokey flavour that is sure to appeal to the judges of competitive BBQ events.

Mallee root charcoal – the smoke from mallee root charcoal does not have the distinct flavour as mangrove charcoal, but it does burn consistently and will not flare-up. It does not burn as hot as mangrove charcoal, but it is an ideal fuel for use during competitive BBQ events because it is versatile. It is the perfect choice for cooking vegetables and meats that require thorough cooking.

If you are planning to participate in competitive BBQ in Australia, then make sure you come prepared by getting your hands on top quality mallee root charcoal and mangrove charcoal from John Tiras.

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