Tips on How to Ignite Red Gum Firewood for Your Fireplace

October 9, 2018

There are many types of firewood available, but when it gets really cold, those who have experienced many winters have come to rely on red gum firewood to keep them warm. That is because red gum firewood burns clean and hot, and it last longer than most other types of firewood. However, red gum firewood is a dense hard wood that can be difficult to ignite.

If you have red gum firewood ready and you want to make sure that your fireplace is burning nice and hot for those chilly nights, without any problems, then here are some tips on how to ignite red gum firewood for your fireplace:

Use kindling – if you want to make starting a fire with red gum firewood easier, then you need to simply place kindling under your red gum firewood, it will help generate enough heat to ignite the logs.

Dry red gum firewood – using only dry red gum firewood will make sure that starting a fire in your fireplace will not be difficult, as red gum wood has a high-resin content and unless it is fully seasoned and dry it will be difficult to ignite.

Heat Beads Firelighters – this is a high quality product from a trusted brand that come in an easy to use pop-out trays, these light instantly and have a long burn time.

Light the kindling not the red gum logs – before you start a fire in your fireplace, make sure that you place the kindling under your red gum logs, and then use one of the Heat Beads Firelighters to ignite the kindling, not the logs. It is very difficult to ignite a split red gum log with just Heat Beads Firelighters that is why lighting the kindling is important because it will generate enough heat to ignite the red gum logs.

Once lit, red gum firewood will burn a long time, providing a steady heat source that will keep you warm on chilly days and nights.

Starting a fire can be dangerous, as many people today just douse their firewood with either lighter fluid or gasoline. Using liquid fuel to start a fire, especially indoors, is very dangerous. Thankfully, Heat Beads Firelighters are available as a safe alternative to starting fires using liquid fuel, such as lighter fluid or gasoline.

If you want to make sure that you have a warm safe fire burning in your fireplace next time it gets cold outside, then make sure to pick up some kindling, red gum firewood, and Heat Beads Firelighters at John Tiras Pty. Ltd.

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