Tips in Lighting Charcoals without Lighter Fluid or Gas

January 29, 2018

There is no time like the present to grill up some delicious food while relaxing with the family. Unfortunately, you forgot to buy lighter fluid! This unfortunate sequence of events likely leads to countless people using Google to figure out 'how to light charcoal without lighter fluid or gas'. Well, what if we told you that you never have to run into this problem again? Today, we are going to introduce you to the concept of BBQ starter kits. After learning about these starter kits, you'll never want to pick up lighter fluid again.

Grilling Without Gas or Lighter Fluid

The first question you are probably wanting to ask is this: Why? Why would you want to stray away from the old standards of gas and lighter fluid? Those two burning options have worked for ages and it's not like anything has changed to prevent them from continuing to work. Well, if you are a true BBQ lover then you owe it to yourself to explore greener pastures. While lighter fluid and gas will work to get your grill going, it doesn't come without setbacks. For one, lighter fluid imparts a definitively chemical taste to your food -- same with gas. Second, getting the perfect heat is really difficult with both gas and lighter fluid. If taste and efficiency can't motivate you to try something new, then nothing will. That leads us to the BBQ starters we mentioned above.

BBQ Starter Kit - Grilling Made Easy

A BBQ starter kit isn't for the first-time griller, it's for anyone who wants to enjoy a tasty meal on their favourite grill. What a BBQ starter kit is, fundamentally, is a mobile chimney that allows you to control the burning of your charcoal. These chimneys are essentially metal funnels that are roughly a single foot in height. Covered in holes to create air flow, each chimney has two filters inside of them -- one at the top and one at the bottom. At the bottom of the chimney, you can place a little bit of newspaper or lighter cube. Above the first grate, you will then fill the chimney with your charcoal. Light your fuel source in the first chamber and allow the charcoal to heat up which can take roughly 15 minutes. When the top of the charcoal starts to turn grey and ashy, you know the charcoal is ready to be poured into the grill for cooking to begin!

Charcoal starter kits are an innovative way to cook without catering to old conventions. If you want to improve your grilling experience, check one out today!

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