Tips and Hacks in Smoking Meat Using Red Gum Firewood

November 8, 2021

Smoking was once the main way of preserving meat, but today, we now know that it is an ideal way to cook and flavour the meat. To obtain the desired flavour, though, you must understand which type of firewood works best. While hickory wood is popular for this in some parts of the world, it is extremely expensive here in Australia since we have to import it. One of the local favourites in this country for flavourful meat smoking is redgum firewood.

Tips on Smoking With Red Gum Firewood

Be certain to use well-seasoned red gum. Refuel the smoker when it is at the optimum temperature to prevent smoulder. Clean out your smoker after each use. And keep a supply of this firewood on hand, so that you can smoke meat whenever the mood hits.

Benefits of Smoking Meat Using Red Gum Firewood

Imparts a Strong Flavour

Similar to hickory, red gum imparts a strong flavour into the meat. We are not saying that it overwhelms the meat, though, it just gives the meat a pleasant smokiness that is your goal when you use a smoker with meat.

Burns Slowly and Produces a Moderate Amount of Smoke

Red gum ignites and burns slowly with a low flame. Both of these features make it ideal to use in a smoker along with the fact that it produces a moderate amount of smoke.

You Can Mix Red Gum with Other Types of Firewood

When the need arises, you can mix red gum with other types of firewood. Reasons that you may do this are to start the fire in a faster manner and to mix another flavour with the one red gum imparts to create unique results.

Inexpensive to Purchase

Since this wood is native to Australia, you can purchase it at an affordable price. Even in split logs, it is cheaper than imported hickory is for smoking.

Red Gum Is Ideal for Smoking a Variety of Meats

Another reason to use this wood in a smoker is that it complements a wide assortment of meats. You not only can smoke beef and poultry with it, but you also can use it on pork, lamb and wild game for favourable, flavourful results.

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