Tips and Hacks in Picking the Right Kindling, Charcoal or Firewood for Your Upcoming BBQ

October 12, 2021

There are many reasons to start a fire, other than just to cook a meal, but also for staying warm during cold nights, or while out camping under the stars. While most folks do not give much consideration to the type of firewood to burn in a fireplace or on an outside grill, thinking that any wood will do, the choice does matter.

It’s true, not all wood burns the same or have the same characteristics. Some types of wood burn naturally smokier than others, and some types are better suited for burning in the fireplace, rather than in a barbecue pit. Not to mention that preparing/splitting some wood is much more difficult than, which requires using an axe and some chopping skills.

There are various qualities of wood, and understanding how they burn will help you choose the right type of wood that best meets your needs. Below are tips and hacks in picking the right kindling, charcoal or firewood for your upcoming BBQ.

Picking the Right Kindling, Charcoal or Firewood - Know What You Want

Not everyone lives near available kindling that can be just picked off the ground, or has an axe to chop a tree down to make firewood, which takes time and skill to do. No, most people today have a reliable supplier of kindling and firewood that is ready-to-use, often sorted and packaged for the convenience of customers.

Firewood choices matter, and where you buy firewood also matters because a quality supplier of firewood will sell the right wood you need, that is chopped, packaged, ready to use, and sourced from sustainable areas in Victoria. If you need to buy kindling, firewood, charcoal, or Heat Beads BBQ briquettes, then order from John Tiras – a premier firewood and charcoal wholesaler and retailer in Melbourne.

Choosing the Right Wood Quality for Your Needs

Softwood, which is typically light in colour, splits and burns easily, but it does put off some thick smoke, with occasional to heavy sparks, depending on the quality of the wood. The importance of softwood is that it burns easily, and is ideally used to start fires as a kindle. Having a stock of kindling on hand to start a fire is needed to prepare for firewood logs.

There are many types of firewood, and each type has its burning characteristics and temperature ranges some burn hotter than others. However, some types of wood are preferred because they burn longer with less smoke and sparks than most other firewood, such as Red Gum.

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