Things You Need to Know About Redgum Firewood

April 8, 2020

Redgum is a versatile, dense, and durable hardwood that may consist of a light to dark red heartwood. This type of material is commonly used for construction purposes like flooring, fencing, landscaping, and outdoor decking. It can also be used in furniture making, boatbuilding applications, joinery, and structural plywood.

Aside from the mentioned applications, redgum can also be used as firewood. Redgum firewood contains a wonderful amount of impressive burning properties that can help retain high-quality fire. This material can also be started easily and can result in long-lasting fires. Apart from these elements, redgum contains other qualities that make them pretty useful for being a firewood.

Available Heat

Redgum is a thick wood type that can catch fire easily and burn perfectly. Whenever the redgum firewood burns, you can expect it to last for a long time. If your area has a humidity that can be difficult to burn firewood, then you may want to switch to redgum for a greater firewood result. The available heat for redgum is tremendous, so expect it to work effectively and efficiently. For reference, the heat content percentage of your wood is calculated by dividing the density of the wood by 11.2.

Ignition Quality

In connection with available heat, redgum can be ignited easily. Ignition is a quality that tells how easily a wood can be lit and started. If the wood has a lot of sap or resin, then expect it to ignite easier. Since redgum has low density, it makes ignition easier compared to woods with high density. Moreover, redgum contains various types of natural fuel substances like sap or resin that can feed and sustain the incoming fire, making it ideal for firewood use.

Density Value

Density is indicated by a wood’s dry weight per unit volume. Denser woods can burn faster and longer than lightweight woods, making them great for firewood applications. The reason behind this capability is that heavier wood has more heat per volume than its counterparts. Redgum is heavy and dense, making it a great material for firewood. To be precise, a forest redgum has 1,000 kg/m³ seasoned density and 1,200 kg/m³ unseasoned density.

Split Capability

The thickness of the redgum material doesn’t necessarily mean that it is hard to split. In fact, redgum can be easy to split into many pieces. This type of wood has straight grains that make it easier to split compared to other firewood with tighter grains. Moreover, redgum has a small number of knots that make it easier to split and use. However, a redgum can only be easy to split if it is well-seasoned. Otherwise, an unseasoned redgum can be difficult to split.

If you are thinking of material for your next firewood, then you may want to use a well-seasoned redgum. To acquire your firewood materials, just contact us at Charcoal Melbourne and we will provide you everything that you need.

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