The Importance of Sustainably Sourced Redgum Firewood

August 8, 2017

Nearly all the firewood being burnt in homes in Victoria today come from local sources – native forests of red gum trees. Red gum firewood is ideal for use in fireplaces, as it is a durable, dense, and a versatile hardwood that burns consistently and has a high heat content, which also makes it a good choice for use in barbecuing all types of foods, or for smoking meats to add flavour. However, the use of red gum firewood, and where it is sourced from, has become an environmental concern.

Conservative government estimates suggest that over a million tonnes a year of firewood in burnt in Victoria. With that much firewood being used, sourced locally from important forests that harbour many plant and animal species, serious concerns about the use of red gum firewood being environmentally unsustainable arises.

That is why, for those concerned about not contributing to the loss of habitat of the many plants and animal species that depend on red gum forests to survive should seek out sustainable sourced red gum firewood in Victoria.

Sustainably Sourced Redgum Firewood and Why It’s Important

Because there is no official accreditation program for firewood gathered from forests in Victoria, it is important to seek out confirmed sustainable sources – suppliers that sell farm-grown red gum firewood, or other sustainable sources, such as John Tiras Pty Ltd. By choosing to buy from sustainable red gum suppliers, you can make sure that the firewood you burn while barbecuing or heating your home does not contribute to the destruction of habitat that will threaten wildlife and the delicate forests of Victoria.

John Tiras Pty Ltd Supports Sustainable Red Gum Firewood Sources

At John Tiras Pty Ltd, we proudly support sustainable red gum firewood sources because we care about the environment and understand the increasing importance of sustainable wood production practices. As a premier charcoal and firewood wholesaler and retailer in Melbourne, our customers rely on us to supply the best products to meet their commercial and residential needs, and we do, without contributing to the destruction of forests in Victoria, and NSW.

If you are seeking a reliable supplier of combustible products for home or commercial use, then you will find John Tiras Pty Ltd is committed to meeting your needs, with minimum fuss because convenience is our main objective in satisfying our customers. Our comprehensive range of combustible products includes kindling, fire wood, charcoal, Heat Beads Firelighters, Heat Beads BBQ Starter, and Heat Bead BBQ Briquettes.

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