Sustainable Red Gum Firewood Supplier in Melbourne

February 14, 2018

Red gum wood is the preferred choice of firewood in Melbourne, that’s because of its many qualities. It is a durable, dense, and versatile hardwood, ideal for use as firewood. In fact, many professional cooks agree that there isn’t any finer firewood to use for smoking meats to add flavour, or for barbecuing all types of foods. Because it burns consistently and produces reliable heat, unlike softwoods that consists of volatile oils that increase heat quickly, but then burn out just as fast.

While there is a steady demand for red gum firewood from commercial businesses, there is a concern about maintaining a steady, sustainable supply. This is why it is important for businesses such as restaurants to locate a sustainable red gum firewood supplier in Melbourne.

The Importance of Locating a Sustainable Red Gum Firewood Supplier Victoria

It’s true, most all of the firewood being used in commercial businesses and in private homes is sourced from local suppliers. Many firewood suppliers in Melbourne obtain their stocks of firewood from local sources – red gum trees from Victoria’s native forests. The amount of firewood being used in Victoria – conservative estimates place the amount well over a million tonnes a year – is what sparks the concern, as local forests harbour many animal species and plants.

Because of the serious concerns about the robust use of firewood in Melbourne, specifically red gum wood, locating and using only sustainable sources is advised. This is to protect Victoria’s natural forests and the plant and animals species that depend on red gum trees for survival.

Businesses and individuals can help protect Victoria’s local red gum forests by seeking out confirmed sustainable sources to meet their firewood needs, this can be done by locating reputable suppliers that offer firewood from farm grown red gum trees.

If you want to do your part in protecting the local red gum forests in Victoria, then buy your firewood at John Tiras Pty Ltd.

The Best Sustainable Sourced Red Gum Firewood at John Tiras

Here at John Tiras, were are proud to do our part in protecting the forests of Victoria, by only promoting and selling farm grown red gum firewood, or from other sustainable sources. We sincerely care about the environment and understand how important sustainable wood production practices are.

If you want to do your part, then get all of your firewood at John Tiras, and help promote local, sustainable, red gum firewood sources.

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