Start the New Year with a Barbeque and Spit Roast Feast Using Mallee Root or Mangrove Charcoal

January 15, 2019

As one year ends and another begins, it prompts people to celebrate a new beginning and to reflect and look back on the day-to-day activities and events of the previous year. The purpose of this is to assess how one did, and then to resolve how to do better moving forward into a brand new year.

The New Year provides many good reasons to celebrate the things to be thankful for, and one great way to do this is by having a barbeque and spit roast feast with good friends and family.

Celebrate the New Year with a Barbeque and Spit Roast Feast

Australians love barbequing and spit roasting food, and there is no better reason to celebrate than welcoming the beginning of a new year. So, if you are planning to start off your new year with a gathering of your friends and family, then a barbeque and spit roast feast is a perfect choice.

The first thing you need to do, to get things going, is to choose your source of fuel for your barbeque and spit roast, a natural fuel source that will not negatively affect the taste of your food. The best fuels for this are mallee Root and mangrove charcoals, that is because these produce consistent heat and impart a rich and authentic smokey flavour people crave when spit roasting food.

There are many benefits of using mallee root or mangrove charcoal, mainly these are all natural and chemical-free charcoals that will not alter the taste of your food. For this reason, clean charcoal such as these are ideal for barbequing and spit roasts. Other reasons why mallee root and mangrove charcoal are the perfect fuel choices for your New Year feast are listed below:

Slow burning – spit roasting requires long-lasting fuel that burns evenly and consistently, just like mallee root and mangrove charcoal.

Affordable and renewable fuel source – because these are local fuel sources that are natural and renewable products, produced locally in Australia, they are affordable.

Chemical-free – unlike other brands of charcoal, such as cheap lump charcoal, mallee root and mangrove charcoals are chemical-free and will not taint the flavour of your food.

Start the new year off with a barbeque and spit roast feast you won’t forget, and use natural mallee root or mangrove charcoal from John Tiras Pty Ltd., it will add that smokey flavour to your food that people grave.

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