Spit Roasting: Choosing Between Lump Charcoal vs. BBQ Briquettes

July 31, 2020

Spit-roasted pork and other similar products typically have juicy, flavourful meat. While the preparation process of the pork, chicken, or lamb for the spit roasting process can be time-consuming, the result of this process guarantees a meal that is enjoyable to eat and consume. Aside from preparing the meat, one key aspect of having a successful spit roasting is the type of charcoal that will be placed on the grill.

To date, there are two types of charcoal that you can use for spit roasting. These charcoals are lump charcoal and BBQ briquettes. Charcoal spit roasting can easily benefit from these two types of charcoal. However, each of these charcoal types gives off distinct properties and characteristics to the roasted food products that may or may not reach the expectations of the people who will be eating them.

Properties of Lump Charcoal

Lump charcoal is made from burning pieces of wood without any presence of oxygen. The burning process of the wood eliminates all its natural chemicals, sap, and moisture, which helps lump charcoal obtain natural attractive qualities. This type of charcoal can light faster, burn hotter, and leave a minimal amount of ash. It can also react quickly to oxygen, enabling this type of charcoal to control temperature more effectively, especially if the grill has variable air vents. Another great thing about lump charcoal is that it does not have any fillers or additives, making it one of the cleanest types of charcoal to spit roast.

While they exude a wide variety of advantages, lump charcoal still has some drawbacks. It tends to burn faster. Therefore, you must have an adequate supply of lump charcoal if you will be roasting for a long time. Having a huge lump charcoal supply can also be expensive. And even if you can purchase numerous bags of lump charcoal, not all these bags have consistent charcoal size and shape. Some of them might have small pieces of charcoal that can be problematic for consistent spit roasting.

Properties of BBQ Briquettes

BBQ briquettes, on the other hand, are cheaper than lump charcoal since they are processed and produced in huge amounts. They are made from wood by-products like sawdust and leftovers that are compressed with additives. These additives help BBQ briquettes light and burn steadily and stably. Some people prefer BBQ briquettes over lump charcoal since these charcoals can provide a more stable and longer burn. They can also maintain a steady temperature for a long time, which is great for spit roasting huge types of meat.

The downsides of BBQ briquettes may stem from the fact that they are comprised of additives. And before you get to enjoy the long burn time of these briquettes, you must allocate some more time and patience in burning them as they light up very slowly. Once they are lit, the additives of these briquettes will immediately give off a chemical smell that might be unpleasant for others. To avoid the transfer of smell to the food, you must allow them to burn first until they are covered with white ash. And speaking of ash, another downside of BBQ briquettes is that they produce a large amount of ash when burned.

Both lump charcoal and BBQ briquettes can provide you with spit-roasted meat that is delicious and tasty. The choice between them would typically rely on your budget, time allocated for roasting, sensitivity to smell, and other key factors. For more information about them, feel free to contact us at Charcoal Melbourne - John Tiras.

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