Some Do’s and Don’ts When Lighting a Charcoal Grill

April 11, 2022

Throughout the years, people celebrate various occasions in different ways. On these various occasions and family celebrations, BBQ grilling is alwaysthe top choice for everyone. Australians love the idea of going outdoors to chill and grill.  However, not everyone knows how to light a grill, especially those charcoal grills. Knowing and mastering the art of charcoal grilling is an essential party skill. For some beginners who would love to have a barbecue party with their family or friends soon and for those who are curious about how to light a charcoal grill, here are some do’s and don’ts when lighting a charcoal grill.

Don’t: Use Lighter Fluid or Gasoline

It is highly advisable that refrain from using lighter fluid or gasoline in lighting your charcoal grill. Choosing the bestfuel to light the charcoal is very important as it contributes to how your food will taste. Using gasoline and lighter fluid does not only pose a safety risk but can also affect the end flavour of the food you are grilling. You can instead use heat beads bbq starter, heat beads firelighters, and kindling/firewood. These are all used for lighting grills and fire pits, even fireplaces, instead of using lighter fluid or gasoline.

Do: Use Heat Beads Firelighters or Heat Beads Bbq Starter

A charcoal grill may take some time to heat up which makes it very tempting to use lighter fluid or gasoline.It will sometimes test your patience but in the name of flavourful and tasty food, you must opt-out with the lighter fluid and gasoline. Nevertheless, you can use heat beads firelighters in grilling your food. Heat Beads Firelighters are ideal for use in barbecues. Using a heat beads bbq starter is a more viable alternative to preheat your charcoal than using lighter fuel and gasoline.

Don’t Light Your Charcoal Grill Near Flammable Materials

For safety’s sake, avoid lighting your charcoal grill near flammable materials. The last thing you might want to experience is causing a fire in the middle of a joyous occasion. Make it a memorable barbecue party by ensuring a safe grilling.

Do: UtiliseSome Newspaper

In lighting your charcoal grill, you may use some newspaper at the bottomof kindling firewood to help it light more easily and quickly. Aside from using the right fuel to light your charcoal grill, you may also utilise some newspaper together with kindling firewood to speed up the lighting process.

Don’t: Forget To Preheat Your Charcoal Grill

Equally important to remember is to not forget to preheat the grates of your charcoal grill before grilling your food. Preheating the grates can make a big difference in your charcoal grilling as it allows you to control the temperature of your grilling grates before throwing your food onto your charcoal grill.

Do: Choose the Right Charcoal

Choosing the right and the best charcoal to light your charcoal grill is likewise very essential. With so many kinds of coalsthat are currently on the market, it would be possible for you to choose the good one. You do not want your time that could instead be spent for eating and chilling to be wasted only for grilling because you bought and brought charcoal that is hard to light. Selecting easy to burn coals can save you time as well as effort and you’ll have more time to enjoy your food.


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