Red Gum Firewood for Wood Fired Ovens

May 22, 2018

Wood fired ovens are a classic staple of traditional homes that have sadly gone the way of the dinosaurs, however these are still used in restaurants to cook delicious foods. People are slowly coming to the realisation that old wood fired ovens aren’t only versatile, but they are also an excellent way to save money and energy.

There is even a slow but steady revival of its use among homesteaders who wish to have a reliable means of heating and cooking, without the need to rely on conventional means of fuel or heat such as electricity, gas, or propane.

While any type of fuel – charcoal, coal, and any kind of wood, can be used to get a hardy wood fired oven going, any experienced or serious cook will know that it is often aromatic hardwoods that are the best choices for wood fired ovens, for a number of reasons:

  • Even and consistent heat – hard woods like red gum provide even and constant heat for wood fired ovens – essentials for cooking food properly. Because the majority of wood fired ovens are still made of cast-iron, aluminium, or enamel clad steel, the heat that these generate still depends predominantly on conduction, and will necessitate fuel that burns hot and burns for a prolonged period, in order to be properly heated.
  • Minimal smoke – wood fired ovens are notorious smokestacks, especially if the wrong sort of fuel used, such as moist wood or softwoods that haven’t been thoroughly dried. Red gum exudes very minimal smoke, this helps to cook things easier and with less of a hassle.
  • Aromatic nature – in spite of the fact that it doesn’t exude a lot of smoke when burning completely, it nevertheless provides a unique flavour profile to anything and everything cooked with it. This rich, full-bodied, but subtle aroma has a hint of sweetness that will compliment any type of food.
  • Economical – red wood is not pricey, making it economical as a fuel source for restaurants and residential home wood burning ovens. Because it provides a steady, consistent source of heat that burns for a prolonged period, and burns quite hot, one doesn’t need that much fuel to keep a wood fired oven going for several cooking sessions.

For commercial businesses that use wood fired ovens, or for those interested in reclaiming old-fashioned cooking methods that provide economical alternatives to modern day cookery, then you can find red gum firewood for wood fired ovens at John Tiras Pty Ltd.

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