Qualities that Make Firelighters Safe to Use

January 19, 2018

Few things are as frustrating as trying to start a fire. In the old days, lighting a fire was just as difficult and time-consuming as it is now, necessitating the use of kindling or newspapers and repeated attempts using matches to make a small flame strong enough to cause primary incineration, in whatever choice of fuel one has.

However, in the old days, nobody rushed things as they do today, and households often kept fires perpetually burning, or they ‘banked’ fires by hiding embers underneath a bed of ash, which could be used to start a new fire the next day. Nowadays, people don’t have the time or patience to slowly start a fire the old fashioned way, and then carefully tend to it until it reaches the right temperature for cooking.

Today, many people simply just douse their choice of fuel in lighter fluid and set it alight, having themselves a quick fire in less than thirty seconds. However, for those who like to cook using charcoal or wood, such an approach is unacceptable, since most flammable solvents will leave an off flavour or odour that affects the overall taste of the food. Thankfully, there is another safer way to start a fire using Heat Beads Firelighters.

With firelighters, it’s even easier to start a fire, without the need to depend on dangerous and often malodours solvents. After lighting a firelighter it will stay lit so you can stack the fuel around it, your BBQ fire will get going no-time!

Here are just some of the advantages and qualities Heat Beads Firelighters can offer:

  • Safety – firelighters are safe to use, so safe in fact that even young-adults can be instructed to use them on camping trips with ease. Unlike lighter fluid and other flammable liquids, firelighters don’t cause sudden flareups which can be very dangerous. They also don’t generate smoke which can pose a difficulty for people with breathing problems.
  • Efficiency – Heat Beads Firelighters can be stowed away and carried around easily in a sealed container, without the risk of it catching fire or instantaneously combusting. It can be lit with just one match and can be used to start wood and coal fires with ease.
  • Odourless – while older firelighters left an off odour after incineration, modern firelighters now feature odourless combustion, which means better tasting barbeques and grilled foodstuffs for you and your whole family.

If you’re tired of lighting a fire like a frontiersman, step into the future and get your hands on some Head Beads Firelighters from John Tiras Pty Ltd, they are easy to light, have a long burn time, odourless, and safe to use.

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