Pointers to Consider When Barbecuing Using Lump Charcoal

January 6, 2020

Charcoal is produced when wood or other organic materials are heated up in an environment that has poor oxygen levels and has a high level of temperature. When a material is heated up, it leaves a lightweight black carbon residue due to the process of carbonisation. This black carbon residue is a product that is ideal for preparing food, most especially when barbecuing.

As we all know, barbecuing is common here in Australia. We often associate this type of activity with family gatherings and some bonding moments while waiting for our food to be cooked. With the help of the charcoal, barbecuing is now a way for us to interact with other family members, friends, and neighbours. 

One of the most common agents in barbecuing is lump charcoal since they can be bought anywhere. There are, however, some points you must consider when you use lump charcoal for barbecuing.

Timber Material

Lump charcoal can be made from woods found on sawmills, flooring, furniture, and building materials. Parts of a tree such as branches and twigs are also processed to create lump charcoal. However, one primary source of lump charcoal is hardwood. And with denser hardwood, your lump charcoal will take a longer time to burn than others. Moreover, your lump charcoal must come from a reputable supplier for you to expect a wonderful result when barbecuing.

Burning Properties

When compared to briquettes, lump charcoal tends to burn hotter and faster. This burning property only means that you can certainly cook food with lump charcoal faster than the others. However, you are required to fill in lump charcoal from time to time if you are cooking a lot of food since they burn out fast. Fortunately, different companies have been producing lump charcoal products that have modified or enhanced properties. Some companies have come up with lump charcoal products that take longer to burn.

Consistent Sizing

When barbecuing, make sure that you get the large chunks or pieces of lump charcoal. So, the next time you shop for a lump charcoal, look for a container with huge pieces of charcoal. Getting this type of charcoal can not only help you cook food at a consistent level, but also prevent you from spending money at unusable charcoal. Take note that the fine or dusty material from the charcoal package must be screened out and not included in your barbecuing activity.

Smell and Smokiness

The smell of your lump charcoal determines the source of your wood, as well as the process that the charcoal has undergone before selling it to the public. The sophistication of the carbonisation process makes a huge difference in terms of smell and smokiness of the charcoal. A high-quality carbonisation can yield a higher purity carbon and less smoke from the burning action. 

Knowing what to consider on your lump charcoal is important for a successful barbecuing session. Luckily, we at John Tiras Pty Ltd can provide you the best lump charcoal that you can use right now. Contact us now as we offer you a comprehensive range of combustible products from quality resources. 

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