Plan Ahead and Select the Best Charcoal for Your Holiday Season Barbecue

October 7, 2019

The holidays are just around the corner, and with it comes the inevitable cooking that the holiday season demands. One of the most popular foodstuff served during the holidays – and the easiest to prepare – are roasts and barbecues. While some people have gotten used to the idea of roasting or barbecuing food in their gas or electric ovens, everybody knows nothing beats good old-fashioned charcoal or wood-fire cooking.

Holiday food is meant to be savoured, shared, and celebrated, that is why people get together to prepare proper home-cooked meals during the holiday season. If you are feeling adventurously festive this holiday season, and you want to plan ahead for your holiday season barbecue, then make sure you select the best charcoal.

Choosing the Right Kind of Charcoal for Holiday Barbecue

The best way to plan ahead for an old-fashioned holiday season barbecue gathering with family and friends is to make sure that you choose the best charcoal available. People who love barbecues will be familiar with charcoal, but not everyone knows that there are different types of charcoal available, and that each one has certain advantages that can help to improve the cooking efficiency and flavour of whatever food is being prepared.

If you are thinking about having a holiday season barbecue, then you had better plan ahead to make sure everything goes as planned, by choosing the right type of charcoal you’re going to use. It’s always a good idea to buy charcoal in bulk for barbecues, since it is always better to have more than you need rather than run out mid-way into your party.

Here are two of the most popular charcoal options you can choose from for your barbecue:

• Lump charcoal –
lump charcoal is considered the purist’s charcoal. It comprises large chunks of charcoal made from choice hardwoods, such as mallee root and mangrove woods, which are aromatic hardwoods. Quality lump charcoal is known to impart a unique flavour profile to everything cooked in it. It is also renowned for being slow-burning, and for being able to provide temperatures high enough to give perfect sear and thorough cooking every time.

• Charcoal briquettes – charcoal briquettes are ‘reconstituted’ charcoal fining and dust that have been made into uniform pucks, balls, or discs. These are more affordable than lump charcoal and are known for even burning, consistent temperatures, and a clean, smokeless burn. Although they do not provide the same complimentary aroma on food as does lump charcoal, fires are easy to start and provide a very consistent burn.

You can find mallee root and mangrove lump charcoal, as well as Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes, at John Tiras.

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