Most Popular Australian BBQ Meals that is Best Cooked in Lump Charcoal

July 13, 2018

Nothing defines Australian cuisine more than barbecue. In fact, most Aussies pride themselves in their exceptional barbecuing skills, and no party is ever complete without the grill being fired up and assorted meals being cooked.

While the average home cook will be fine with grilling meats on a propane stove, true BBQ enthusiasts need more – a better cooking technique. They are keen on elevating the simple barbecue into a veritable art-form, insist that nothing beats grilling your favourite foods than by using lump charcoal sourced from top-quality aromatic hardwoods.

It may be deemed a type of over exaggeration, but those who love grilling are not far off the mark in their loyalty to lump charcoal, especially since it offers a number of advantages over conventional grilling methods. Not only does lump charcoal provide a better sear and more even cooking of food, it also imparts a unique flavour profile to foodstuffs that accentuates its overall taste.

For example, here are some of the most popular meals you can grill with lump charcoal, to help you understand why many people choose to cook with it:

  • Fowl – chicken is definitely a no-brainer when it comes to barbecuing options, but folks should also consider grilling duck and game birds too. Lump charcoal not only ensures even cooking and an excellent sear for all domesticated fowl and game-birds, but it also provides a nuanced flavour that enhances the already scrumptious taste of any bird. Whether grilled directly, marinated, brined, basted, or dry-rubbed, grilling a bird using lump charcoal is sure to be heavenly meal.
  • Steak – ah, steak – the ubiquitous go-to option for nearly every non-vegetarian barbecue. An art-form onto itself, this seemingly simple dish is replete with a plethora of complexities. While there are a hundred different ways to prepare a steak, one of the best ways to cook steak properly is to grill it with lump charcoal. Nothing beats a steak cook right. Nothing.
  • Vegetables and meat-alternatives – who said only carnivores could enjoy a good barbecue? With the sheer number of meat alternatives in the market today, it’s perfectly possible for even the most hard-core vegan to relish the irresistible flavours imparted by proper grilling materials made from superior hardwoods contained in quality lump charcoal. Also, when vegetables are grilled right, even meat-lovers will say they’re missing out!

You can find quality lump charcoal for all of your grilling needs from a name you can trust – John Tiras, Melbourne's premier charcoal and firewood wholesaler and retailer.

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