Mangrove or Mallee Root Charcoal: Best Choices for Your Autumn Barbecue Feast

March 18, 2018

Anytime is a good time to grill food, but it is during autumn when most families get together for barbecuing. If you ask any experienced BBQ chef, they will tell you that when having a barbecue feast you want to use quality charcoal for the best results – great tasting food.

If you want your autumn barbecues feast to go well, then you need to get your hands on some quality charcoal from John Tiras Pty Ltd – Melbourne’s premier supplier of charcoal and firewood. The two best charcoal choices to use for barbecuing food are mangrove charcoal and mallee root charcoal. While these are definitely the best charcoal choices for any special barbecue feast, there are some differences between the two you may want to consider.

The Differences between Mangrove Charcoal and Mallee Root Charcoal

If you want to make the best choice for your upcoming autumn barbecue feast, then this comparison between mangrove charcoal and mallee root charcoal will definitely help. The main difference between these two popular charcoals are rooted in their sources:

Mangrove charcoal – while mangrove trees are commonly found along coastlines to protect soil from erosion, mangrove charcoal at John Tiras is sourced from renewable sources. This is important because of the popularity of mangrove charcoal, as many suppliers are getting mangrove wood from Victoria’s forests to make their charcoal.

The reason for the popularity of this charcoal is that mangrove wood is well-known for imbuing meats and food with that smoky flavour people have come to love, and expect from barbecuing.

Mallee root charcoal – Mallee Eucalyptus trees are readily available and sought out for their wood and oil. The roots of the tree grow out wide and are abundant, and are ideal for use in making quality charcoal. Compared to cheap lump charcoal that typically flares up, and does not produce consistent heat, mallee root charcoal is a dependable fuel source ideal for cooking all types of food.

The two main differences between mallee root charcoal and mangrove charcoal is that mallee root charcoal does not burn as hot as mangrove charcoal, and, mangrove charcoal produces a distinct smoky flavour many people prefer when barbecuing certain foods. Both are quality, dependable, and affordable charcoals that are perfect choices to use for fueling your autumn barbecue feast for family and friends.

You can find mangrove charcoal and mallee root charcoal, as well as Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes, here at John Tiras Pty. Ltd, your best charcoal and firewood supplier in Melbourne.

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