Mangrove Charcoal Wood and Burning Qualities

June 26, 2018

Mangroves are small trees comprising a broad species which grow in coastal areas nearly the world over. They can be found proliferating in large numbers often in brackish or saline bodies of water, although they can also thrive and populate in freshwater areas. Hardy and sometimes even invasive, they are excellent sources for raw material such as firewood and charcoal wood.

Mangrove charcoal wood may not be as popular as specialty woods for use as fuel for cooking, but in areas where these are found abundant and in large numbers, such as Victoria, local populations have taken advantage of it being readily available, sustainable, and affordable.

If you are contemplating on trying out mangrove charcoal wood for cooking, then here are some things you need to know.

Mangrove Charcoal Wood and Burning Qualities:

  • Dense and heavy – mangrove charcoal is quite dense and very heavy. While it often comes in whole form (i.e. lengths of branches turned into charcoal), it may also be cut into chunks. Its dense and heavy nature allows mangrove charcoal to provide a strong and long-lasting fire, even if you use very little of it.
  • Burns hot – because of its density, mangrove charcoal wood burns hotter than most conventional charcoals. It is excellent for high-speed cooking, as well as for cooking applications that require lengthy cooking times with consistent heat. While it may not be ideal for use in grilling, it can be mixed with other types of charcoal or aromatic woods in order to ‘dampen’ out its high heat.

Slow-cooking and stewing, or any method of cooking that doesn’t involve placing the food into direct contact with pure mangrove charcoal wood on the other hand is ideal, especially if you want to soften tough pieces of meat or render animal fats.

  • Aromatic nature – mangrove charcoal can be used in small amounts as an accompaniment to non-aromatic fuel, thanks to its aromatic nature. Notable for its subtly fresh, almost minty aroma, it adds a subtle layer of nuance to anything cooked on it. Its aromatic nature may even make it ideal for smoking meats, although it is best used in tandem with bolder aromatic woods rather than on its own.
  • Affordable – because mangroves grow quickly, mangrove charcoal wood is one of the most affordable types of charcoal in Victoria.

For more information about mangrove charcoal wood, contact us here at John Tiras Pty Ltd. We offer only quality combustibles at affordable prices, and guarantee satisfaction with every order.

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