Mallee Root vs Mangrove: Which Charcoal Option Best Suits Your BBQ Needs?

November 20, 2020

Mallee root and mangrove are two of the most common charcoal options in barbecuing. When it comes to capturing a wood-smoked flavour in your spit roasts and pizzas, mallee root charcoal is the right fuel for the task. Charcoal such as this is derived from mallee trees that grow around Melbourne and in other areas of Australia. It provides a natural heat source for cooking and grilling without negatively affecting the flavour of the food. Instead, it imparts an authentic smoky one to food that is quite enjoyable to taste.

Meanwhile, mangrove charcoal is popular with restaurants, families and commercial entities for its low-moisture content and various other characteristics. It provides long burn times and high heat combustion with low spark and smoke levels. Another favourable feature of this charcoal is the fact that it is odourless. Since the mangrove is a natural timber, this charcoal is eco-friendly.

Here is how you can choose which charcoal option best suits your BBQ needs.

Mallee Root Is a Natural Product

With the focus being on caring for our environment today, another benefit of mallee root charcoal is that it is a 100-percent natural fuel source. It burns cleanly without polluting the atmosphere by releasing toxic chemicals into the air unlike other fuel sources. Reduce your carbon footprint by using this charcoal.

Mallee Root Is an Affordable Fuel Source

Mallee root charcoal is the economical choice for a fuel source even for restaurants and catering companies to turn to prepare their various menu items. Companies such as these require an affordable fuel in order to earn as much profit as possible. The fact that this charcoal is locally made reduces the price all must pay to take advantage of its benefits.

Mangrove Charcoal Provides Superior Heat

This charcoal provides superior heat for regular cooking in comparison to coal since it has a longer burn time and emits far less smoke. Restaurants often select it since it is odourless and does not interfere with the aroma of their cuisine. Families also prefer this charcoal for their backyard BBQ grills for the above reasons.

Mangrove Charcoal is Sustainable and Has a Smokey Flavour

Mangrove trees grow quickly, and are being planted along coastlines as an effective way to control soil erosion. Once harvested, the wood is used specifically for making charcoal, as Mangrove charcoal provides a delicious smokey flavour that people crave. And because Mangrove burns hotter than Mallee root charcoal, it is often used for searing meat.

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