Mallee Root Charcoal Lump: The Choice for Authentic Smokey Meat Flavour in BBQ Recipes

March 29, 2018

One of the hallmarks of a good barbeque is the smoky flavour that comes with the entire process of grilling. While fast food has made it possible to imitate this flavour with things like liquid smoke or a select combination of herbs and spices, nothing beats the good old-fashioned smokiness that you get from using firewood or charcoal.

Of course, not all charcoals are made the same. Not only are they sourced from different types of wood, they will also possess different heating capacities and different flavour profiles. Simply put, different types of wood, and different types of charcoal, impart their own unique smokiness into a barbeque or roast.

Mallee root charcoal is just one of many types of specialty charcoals that give an extra-smoky profile to barbeques and roasts, while delivering long-lasting and reliable heat for that perfect, fire-grilled goodness that no alternative can beat. Derived from a species of eucalyptus, the charcoal made from this material is sourced from the underground lignotuber of the plant.

If you’re an avid barbeque fan, or if you enjoy the back-to-basics wonders of charcoal cooking, here are some of the advantages that Mallee charcoal has to provide:

  • Superior flavour and aroma – Mallee charcoal provides superior flavour and aroma that makes steaks, barbequed dishes, and any other type of food taste all the better. Because it is a species of eucalyptus, its wood is permeated with volatile oils that are brought to the fore once it is turned into lump charcoal. This in turn is ‘activated’ by heat, and is imparted onto the dishes that are prepared on top of it. Unlike other charcoals, it adds a well-rounded, but slightly piquant note that is laced with a crisp freshness that goes well with most meat dishes.
  • Even heat distribution – Mallee charcoal is derived from a hardwood. Hardwoods are notorious for providing high heat that lasts for a long time. These have their drawbacks however, since it can cause unnecessary or unwanted charring in barbeques. Although, since Mallee charcoal is sourced from the roots of the tree itself, it provides hot, but slow and even burning.

This characteristic is ideal for barbeque and grilling applications that don’t require fierce heat in order to facilitate cooking, without running the risk of accidentally burning or charring your food.

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