Mallee Root and Mangrove Root Charcoals: Real and Chemical-Free for Your Barbecues and Spit Roasts

March 27, 2017

Barbecuing is a great way to spend time with family, and it also provides an opportunity to make great tasting food using your favourite BBQ sauces. However, there are a few considerations when barbecuing, one of them being the type of charcoal to use. While most people are concerned about setting a time out of a busy schedule to have friends and family over, and choosing the types of food to grill, the charcoal you use not only will affect the taste of the food, but it could potentially negatively affect your health.

It’s true, many types of charcoals use chemicals and bonding agents to make them, as well as starter fluid, and, yes, even grilling with gas can taint food with toxins. However, it is mainly the type of charcoal that you will use that will ultimately determine the way your food is cooked, the way it tastes, and whether it is chemical-free, or not? The best advice is to choose all-natural charcoal, to guarantee your food is chemical-free, cooks consistently, and tastes great.

All Natural Chemical-Free Mallee Root and Mangrove Root Charcoals

Barbecuing stakes, grilling vegetables, and chicken are great ways to spend time around your grill, but when it comes time for spit roasts, that is when you truly need ‘”good” clean charcoal that does not alter the taste in a negative way. Also, quality chemical-free charcoal, such as Mallee Root and Mangrove Root, are perfect for spit roasts because the cooking process takes longer, and the temperature needs to be consistent for it to come out right.

It’s true, there are many brands of charcoal available, but most people usually gravitate towards the cheaper priced ones, unknowingly, thinking all charcoal is the same, they are not. In fact, most cheap charcoal usually have chemicals and toxins in them that substitute for natural fiber material, which not only taints the natural flavour of your foods, but isn’t healthy for you either.

Barbecue enthusiasts prefer charcoal made from Mallee Root and Mangrove because these add desirable flavour to foods, burn consistently, and are chemical-free. You can pick up Mallee Root and Mangrove Root charcoal here, at John Tiras – suppliers of premium charcoal and firewood.

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