Lump Charcoal: How It Really Enhances Food Flavor in BBQ

February 14, 2018

Nearly everyone in Australia loves attending BBQ parties, as these are a great way to spend time with good friends and family, to enjoy great tasting flavourful food. What makes food taste better when barbecuing is quality lump charcoal. It actually enhances food flavour, giving it that BBQ taste people love and crave. So, how does lump charcoal really enhances food flavour in BBQ?

It’s true, charcoal is better than gas for barbecuing that is because quality lump charcoal actually enhances food flavour. But how does charcoal make food taste better?

How Lump Charcoal Enhances Food Flavor in BBQ

The main reason food tastes better when barbecuing food using charcoal, than cooking with gas, is that certain types of lump charcoal imbues food with flavour, but the type of lump charcoal makes a difference. That is because not all lump charcoal is the same. Understanding this difference will help you make sure that you buy the right type of lump charcoal for your next BBQ get together.

Most aspiring chefs may wonder why the food they cook does not taste consistently the same when barbecuing? The reason is that not all lump charcoal is of the same quality. Just because some lump charcoal is cheaper than others doesn’t mean its better, in fact, cheap lump charcoal can make it difficult to cook food, as it will flare up and can burn food, and it produces much more smoke than desired.

Cheap lump charcoal is often an assortment of different types of wood mix together, and there is often dirt, oils and sap remains inside of it, which is why it tends to flare up and produces lots of smoke. This is why the flavour of food is inconsistent when barbecuing with cheap lump charcoal.

Quality lump charcoal made from mallee root or mangrove root are what experienced chefs prefer to use when barbecuing food. These types of charcoal enhances the flavour of food with that BBQ taste people love and crave. Mallee root or mangrove root lump charcoal also burn consistently and will not flareup, making it easier to cook food.

With quality lump charcoal, you can imbue your meats and vegetable with delicious BBQ flavour. To make sure you don’t taint your food, avoid starting a fire using liquid fuels, such as gas or starter fluid. Instead, use Heat Beads Firelighters. These are easy to use, have a long burn time, and will not taint the taste of your food.

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