Lighting an Open Grill Barbecue Using Heat Beads Firelighters

March 23, 2020

Most of us would love to barbecue our food. The smoky flavour and unique properties of the food after placing it on top of an open grill make us want to barbecue more food. Aside from the taste, what makes barbecuing food extra special is the time that we spent with our families and friends while doing this activity. After all, barbecuing food is one of the most interactive social activities that we can do with our loved ones. 

Placing a beautiful cut of meat on top of an open grill can feel luxurious, even if the steps that entail barbecuing is sometimes complicated. In barbecuing, you have to acquire the right set of tools and products just to set the barbecued food right. Moreover, you must also know some necessary steps about barbecuing so that you don’t end up ruining your food. 

All About Heat Beads Firelighters

One product that is essential in barbecuing your food is Heat Beads Firelighters. They come from a trusted brand that produces barbecuing products and tools. From fuel products down to accessories, Heat Beads know the right type of barbecued food for us Australians. Since 1970, they have been honouring and celebrating traditional chargrilling so that we get to taste real barbecued products.

As they grow and innovate barbecuing ideas, they have come up with Heat Beads Firelighters, a high-quality product that can light instantly. Heat Beads Firelighters have a long burn time that is essential in barbecuing activities. Plus, they don’t emit strong odours, which can be ideal for use not only in barbecues, but also for fireplaces, combustion heaters, and open fires. 

Steps in Lighting an Open Grill Barbecue

If you want to light up an open grill barbecue, you must follow some essential steps. But first, you must acquire these things: Heat Beads Firelighters, Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes, a match or a lighter, and of course, your barbecue grill.

Opting for an open grill barbecue means that your grill must have open bottom vents. Once you have opened the vents, you must pour a sufficient amount Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes onto the bottom grill. They must evenly cover the cooking areas with one layer. For a better cooking performance, your briquettes must be positioned approximately 150mm below the cooking grill on a fire grate. Your briquettes will be more effective when they are lit on a fire grate since they would allow air to circulate under the fuel.

Then, place 3 Heat Beads Firelighters on top of the first layer of briquettes. They must be spread across the layer of briquettes so that it will be evenly lit up. Once the firelighters are placed, you must maintain and arrange a pyramid of briquettes over them. A fourth Heat Beads Firelighter must be positioned on top of the briquette pyramid.

Once all set, you must light the firelighters with a match or a lighter. Leave the whole setup for about 40 minutes or until the briquettes are ashed over. Afterward, spread fuel evenly under the cooking area and start the barbecue process. If you are done with barbecuing, you can extinguish your setup by pouring water over the fuel. Another option for extinguishing your grill is to cover hot briquettes with sand or dirt.

The use of Heat Beads Firelighters can make your barbecuing efficient and fun without compromising anything about your food. If you want to purchase some Heat Beads products, you can call us now at John Tiras.

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