Know the Best Quality of Wood to Use for Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

February 23, 2017

A fire in a wood-burning fireplace adds warmth and ambiance to a room. To receive the best results from this, you must understand what the ideal quality of wood is to use to create your fire. For one thing, your timber should come from a local, plentiful source. Also, you will need a slow-burning wood that provides adequate heat value. The moisture content of the timber is another consideration since drier logs burn easier and give off less smoke than green ones do in your fireplace.

Ensure That the Wood Is Widely Available in Australia

You need to ensure that the wood you place in your fire comes from local sources throughout Australia and is widely available. Red gum is one example of this type of timber to burn in your fireplace. It comes from native forests in various parts of this country, including the NSW and Victoria areas.

Slow-Burning Timber Is Ideal for Fireplaces

Hardwood timber such as red gum will burn slowly at higher temperatures while softwood timber will burn too quickly for adequate heat production and lasting ability. When a timber burns slowly, you receive a long lasting fire that increases the warmth in the room until you decide for it to go out. Red gum has a density of 995 kg/m3 and has a heat potential 88 percent. While it is slow to combust, it produces only a medium amount of smoke. You should mix it with a soft kindling or wood at least to start your fire.

Logs Should Be as Dry as Possible

Never try to burn freshly cut or green logs in your fireplace. Firewood should be as dry as possible, regardless of what type of timber that you select to use for your fire. Green timber must go through a seasoning process before it is ideal for your purposes. During this process, the moisture evaporates from the logs. If you fail to heed this warning, you will waste energy since the flames will need to dry the wood before it can produce the warmth and fire quality that you desire. In addition, the wet wood will create additional fumes and smoke in comparison to properly seasoned timber logs.

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