Kindling Fuel: The Essential Part of Making a Wood Fire

May 13, 2020

A wood fire is essential in providing enough heat for cooking. Moreover, it can also provide light and warmth, serve as a beacon, or prevent insects or even predators from getting near your location. In making one, there are certain materials that you may need to have. Some of the basic materials that you need in creating a wood fire are tinder, kindling, and fuel.

Wood Fire Essential Materials

Tinder, kindling, and fuel are all important in starting a wood fire. The lack of even one of them can be difficult for you, especially if you urgently need to have light or heat.

Tinder: In starting a wood fire, you must have access to materials that will ignite very easily. All materials that can be fired up even with a spark are called tinder. A specific material can be considered a good tinder if it is around the size of a pencil led, has a shorter length than an outstretched hand, and can fit within cupped hands. Your tinder must be absolutely dry so that it can light up easily. Some examples of tinder include leaves, thin tree bark, paper, grass, and resin.

Kindling: Once your tinder is burning, you have to add some more dry flammable materials to it. These additional flammable materials are known as kindling. These materials are usually larger than tinder, which allows them to keep the fire going. Whenever they are placed on a small flame, kindling must light up easily. Some best materials that can be considered as kindling are small dry twigs, chunks or tree bark, dead tree branches, and sticks.

Fuel: If your fire is now becoming more stable, then you must add some large pieces of wood. Woods that can be used as good fuel sources must have a minimum thickness of a wrist, must be as long as an arm, and must around knee-high when stacked. Ensure that your woods are dry so that your wood fire will not emit any excessive smoke due to the presence of moisture. You can use dry dead trees or large dead branches as your fuel source to your wood fire.

The Pivotal Role of Kindling

As mentioned, kindling products allow your wood fire to keep burning. They are placed to gradually heat the wood fire so that the fuel can quickly be burned once they are placed. Kindling also helps create a perfect environment for a stable fire, which cannot be achieved if the tinder is not supported by additional fueling materials.

Your kindling must be thoroughly dry to make it effective. Aside from fallen sticks and branch woods, some great examples of kindling include pinecones, dried orange peel, fatwood, and cedar barks.

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