How to Check for Quality When Buying Red Gum Firewood

August 13, 2020

Various equipment and devices can now help in keeping a place warm during colder seasons. However, numerous homeowners still want to warm up the place in an old-fashioned way. After all, conventionally warming up the place can be exciting and bring a lot of memories.

Keeping the place warm with a fireplace can be done through the help of a good and sustainable firewood source. One popular firewood source here in Australia is red gum firewood since it is widely available across the region. Red gum firewood is also popular due to its toughness, versatility, and adaptability. It also possesses impressive burning properties that other firewood products do not have.

While all red gum firewood products possess these basic qualities, not all of them can be as effective as others. Some of them can bring consistent flames and heat, but others do not. So, when you buy this particular firewood product, you must check for the following factors to effectively determine its quality.

Preparation Process

Well-seasoned red gum firewood typically comes from a set of timber that is prepared and dried thoroughly. And once you use this type of red gum firewood, you can expect it to burn efficiently and produce perfect flames. Red gum firewood that comes from a freshly cut tree, on the other hand, does not burn efficiently since they are not prepared and seasoned well. So, if you will buy red gum firewood, you must ask the supplier whether it is fully seasoned or not.

Presence of Termites

Aside from getting well-seasoned red gum firewood, you must also make sure that it has been exposed under sunlight for a long time. The sunlight allows the red gum firewood to eliminate termites and other elements that are hiding underneath its surface. Burning pieces of firewood that have termites does not necessarily harm your health. However, bringing them in might compel these termites to transfer to other parts of your home. Termite-free red gum firewood guarantees you a clean fire and a clean home.

Firewood Density

Red gum firewood is naturally denser compared to other types of hardwood, which allows it to sustain its burning and heating capabilities for a long time. However, some stores sell red gum firewood that is not as dense as it should be. And once you use this type of firewood, you can expect inconsistent small, flames under a short time. A true dense red gum firewood can produce large, consistent flames and sustain them for a long time.

Colour of the Surface

Another factor that you must check whenever buying red gum firewood is its colour. High-quality red gum firewood must only come in brilliant red, light pink, or black. These colours can directly indicate the age of the firewood. Weather elements may also change the colour of the gum firewood. Nonetheless, they will still perform great if these firewood pieces have the mentioned colours. Red gum firewood that does not possess these colours, alternatively, could be a sign that it has inferior quality.

Considering these factors can help you obtain a high-quality set of red gum firewood. If you want to purchase high-quality red gum firewood, just give us a call at Charcoal Melbourne – John Tiras.

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