How Does the Type of Wood Affect Charcoal Quality? Ask Charcoal Melbourne

October 27, 2021

Two of the best types of wood used to make charcoal are Mangrove and Mallee root, as both of these types of wood and produces a steady non-overbearing flow of flavourable smoke that will make any barbecue meal taste great.

Charcoal can come in a variety of shapes, however, regardless of the pressed shape it is, the end quality of charcoal depends on the type of wood used to make it. Using heat without oxygen, wood will not burn, and in the process it becomes liquefied stuff that is then formed and pressed into chunks. These chunks become charcoal, and there are different grades of charcoal that vary in burning consistency, which matters when grilling certain types of food. Of these, charcoal briquettes are the best.

Quality of the charcoal is the most important factor when grilling certain kinds of food, as it directly affects the way the food is cooked in different ways. To help promising cooks to understand the factors that influence charcoal quality, here are a few things to consider.

Although grilling food is the most basic form of cooking, just placing food on top a grill above fire is all that is needed. However, with the right food, ingredients, and sauces, some amazing flavours can be achieved. To grill simple is easy enough, but cooking vegetables and various types of meats takes a bit more understanding of how the grilling process works, mainly, know the types of charcoal and wood to use to have the best success.

Quality Charcoal Briquettes

It may seem deceiving, not in a bad way, but charcoal briquettes are not really considered charcoal, however, these are made using charcoal and various ingredients that make them easier to catch on fire. All wood charcoal, depending on its quality, will not burn as consistently as charcoal briquettes, and lower quality charcoal has a tendency to burn too quickly and smoke too excessively to be used on certain types of food, such as poultry, vegetables and sea food, to produce good results. The factors that influence charcoal quality are beneficial to know next time you are preparing to fire-up the grill for family and friends.

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