How Charcoal Can Affect the Taste of Your Barbeque

August 13, 2018

A desire to attain the best barbeque experience, many Australians have switched from using gas barbecue grills to charcoal grills. The reasons for this is because grilling is not only more affordable than grilling with gas grills, but charcoal improves the flavour, aroma, and texture of food, making it taste better.

Ask anyone who enjoys barbequing and they will tell you that grilling with charcoal is better than grilling with gas because of the delicious smokey charcoal flavour that makes food taste better. Charcoal seems to have a magical effect on food flavouring, but most people don’t realise how it can affect the taste of their food in such a positive way.

How Charcoal Affects the Taste of Your Barbeque

Because it is the smokey charcoal flavour people are after when they plan to grill food, it is important to understand that the type of charcoal used has a direct effect on the taste of food. There are many types of charcoal available in stores, but most aspiring barbecue cooks typically gravitate to the cheapest lump charcoal they can find, not knowing that the quality of charcoal determines the flavour of their food.

Mallee root charcoal is one of the best charcoals to use for grilling food because it delivers that delicious smokey flavour people want. There is no comparing it to cheap lump charcoal that gives inconsistent flavour. The main reason for this is that inexpensive lump charcoal often negatively affects the natural flavour of food when barbecuing, this is because it is sourced from various types of wood that have different heating capabilities and flavours.

Understanding how the type and quality of charcoal affects the taste of food should compel anyone to choose the best charcoal next time they plan to barbeque.

Mallee Root Charcoal is Best for Barbequing

Next time you plan to barbeque with friends and family, choose Mallee root charcoal over lump charcoal. Mallee root charcoal is well-known for delivering that authentic smokey flavour people crave, and it will not negatively affect the taste of your food, or result in inconsistent flavouring like lump charcoal will.

It produces the ideal heat for barbequing, but burns slow and evenly without risking charring your food. You can obtain Mallee root charcoal, kindling, firewood, Heat Beads Firelighters, Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes, for use in fireplaces, barbecues, combustion heaters and open fires, for all of your cooking needs, at John Tiras Pty Ltd.

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