Heat Beads BBQ Starter: Lighting Up Your BBQ Grill the Easy Way

April 10, 2018

Barbecuing is something that is universally loved, with every culture having their own way of preparing and executing it. In spite of the variations however, one thing is similar in all iterations of the cooking technique – flavour is of paramount importance.

Whether you are preparing kebabs, grilling a steak, or cooking some patties for a lovely burger, the time and effort spent tending the grill is only a testament to the individual pursuit of flavour perfection. However, perfectly flavoured grilled foods aren’t so easily obtainable. A lot of people – both newbies and experienced barbecue enthusiasts alike – make the mistake of sullying the flavour of their food by using the wrong type of fire-starter.

More often than not, a lot of potentially good barbecuing is ruined because people have tendency to use the wrong kind of material for fire-starting, if only because combustible liquids and other materials that instantly catch fire allow for a quicker blaze to start, allowing cooking to be done faster. Unfortunately, it is these very substances that give the cooked foods that off aroma and flavour that ruins even the well-prepped recipes.

If you’re looking for a quick, efficient, and odourless way to start your barbecue fire, without the risk of contaminating your food with unpleasant odours, consider heat beads. Heat beads are consolidated briquettes made from a combination of choice hardwoods, a highly flammable binder, and additional ingredients that increase its thermal mass.

Here are just some of its many advantages over traditional barbeque fuel:

  • Easy-to-light – heat beads contain an oxidising agent mixed in with its binder that allows it to be lit far more easily than conventional lump charcoal or firewood. This oxidising agent, coupled with the readily flammable nature of consolidated finings make it possible for you to light your heat beads without the need for flammable substances like kerosene or denatured alcohol – thus preventing your fuel’s contamination with undesirable odours that ruin the aroma and overall taste of your food.
  • Burns clean and fragrant – heat beads do not generate any chemical-like smells of off odours that may taint your food. Furthermore, the findings sourced from choice hardwoods provide an additional aromatic aroma that adds a wonderful flavour profile to whatever is prepared atop it.
  • Burns steadily and consistently – these consolidated briquettes burn evenly, steadily, and consistently, generating about as close to the same sort of even heat as lump charcoal, and even better heat than firewood.

If barbecuing is your passion, and you’re after only the best results, don’t settle for time-consuming fire-starting methods! Spend more time cooking and enjoying your meals, with the help of heat beads!

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