Heat Bead BBQ Briquettes with Heat Bead BBQ Chimney: What Makes Them a Perfect Pair?

August 22, 2019

People who love to barbecue don’t have to wait until summer to have a BBQ get together with friends and family because anytime of the year is a good time to grill food. Although, certain times of the year and weather conditions can make starting a fire a bit of a challenge, starting a fire can be dangerous if liquid fuel is used.

It is never advisable to use lighter fluid or gasoline to start a fire, mainly because it is dangerous and could result in personal injury and property damage, also, lighter fluid and gasoline will taint the taste of the food being cooked. The best way to start a barbecue fire is to use Heat Bead BBQ Briquettes, that’s because they are specially designed to light easily in all types of climates.

How to Easily Start a Fire for Grilling

Starting a fire for grilling food can be a real challenge, especially when starting a fire from scratch. There are a few things to consider before attempting to start a fire for the purpose of grilling food, all of which will play a role in your success or failure. These include the type of grill, type of charcoal, the placement of charcoal, and the means of applying the initial flame to start the fire.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to start fires safely in as little as a few minutes, using Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes. Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes can be used with regular charcoal and briquettes to create the perfect fire for barbecuing your favourite foods. To start a fire it is advised to carefully place the Heat Beads BBQ briquettes interspersed with your charcoal or regular briquettes, to allow for ample air circulation and oxygen to reach the flames. This will enable faster combustion.

A more efficient way to start a fire without using starter fluids or the need to coach a fire to get charcoal burning hot is to use Heat Beads BBQ briquettes with a Heat Bead BBQ Chimney.

Heat Bead BBQ Briquettes with Heat Bead BBQ Chimney Makes a Perfect Pair

Using Heat Bead BBQ briquettes with a Heat Bead BBQ Chimney makes the perfect combination, as a Heat Bead BBQ Chimney is specially designed to start fires fast and easy using standard briquettes and charcoal. But when used with Heat Bead BBQ briquettes, starting a BBQ fire is amazingly fast.

With Heat Bead BBQ briquettes and a Heat Bead BBQ Chimney that is designed to allow for efficient air circulation, you are able to start a BBQ fire and have charcoal at the desired cooking temperature in less than 30 minutes!

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