Handy Tips for Lighting Your Red Gum Firewood for Your Fireplace

July 25, 2017

During the chilly months in this area of Australia, numerous homeowners enjoy warming their bodies in front of a glowing fire that they create right in the own fireplaces. If you are one of these homeowners, you probably already know that there are various types of firewood from which to make your selection. One of the most popular, though, is red gum firewood. While this firewood burns hot, it is slow to combust. For this reason, we provide you with some handy tips for lighting this firewood in the following details.

Use Only Fully Seasoned Red Gum

The first thing to remember is that red gum needs to be fully seasoned and dry before you can start an effective fire with it. This is due to the fact that red gum has a high-resin content. If you try to light it before it dries sufficiently, it will smoke but may not catch flame at all similar to other high-resin timbers.

Rely on Kindling and Firelighters to Help Light the Red Gum Logs

You should add kindling underneath the red gum, and you can also turn to firelighters such as the ones from Heat Beads to help ignite your firewood. Heat Beads Firelighters come in pop-out trays for freshness and ease of use. They light quickly, burn for a long time, and give off only a bit of an odour. Both kindling and the firelighters are perfect companions for red gum in your fireplace.

Start with Two or Three Logs

Stack two or three logs in your fireplace over the kindling and/or firelighters. Allow these logs to ignite before trying to expand the fire.

Light the Kindling, Not the Logs

Set fire to the kindling or the firelighters and let that ignite the logs. You will find it next to impossible to ignite a split log of red gum on its own.

Add Extra Logs When the Fire Is at Its Hottest

When the fire reaches maximum heat, add extra logs to keep it burning in the desirable fashion. Do not wait for the fire to die down to add more logs since it will be difficult to ignite the new ones at this time.

For your supply of red gum, rely on John Tiras Pty Ltd. We will provide small or large quantities of it depending upon your need along with kindling and Heat Beads Firelighters. In addition, along with these fireplace supplies, we carry combustibles for your barbecues and combustion heaters. Our company promises courteous, effective customer service and high-quality products each time you do business with us.

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