Finding the Best Firewood in Australia During Winter Season

July 18, 2019

During winter season in Australia people like to curl up and relax in front of a nice warm fireplace. Not only is being in front of a warm fire comfortable on cold winter days and nights, but it also helps to heat homes. However, not all firewood burns the same, so finding the best firewood in Australia during winter season is important.

Why Use the Best Firewood in Australia During this Winter Season

Firewood is not only used for warming homes on cold winter nights, but also when camping and cooking outdoors. Because many people are not aware that not all firewood burns the same, there is not much consideration given when buying firewood. However, the choice and quality of firewood matters, especially if you plan on burning wood in an indoor fireplace.

Even when outside grilling, the type of firewood matters a lot, as some types of wood produces much more smoke than others. Understanding that some types of firewood are better suited for use in a fireplace, other than in an outdoor barbecue pit, will help you to choose the best firewood in Australia during winter season that will best meet your needs.

Understanding the difference between softwood and hardwood is important when choosing the best firewood to use this winter season. Softwood burns easily and faster than hardwood, which is why it is preferred to use as kindling, not as firewood. It is lighter in colour than hardwood and not as dense or heavy; it also produces much more smoke when burned than hardwoods.

Hardwood such as red gum firewood is considered by many as the best firewood in Australia, perfect for use during winter season. Red gum burns longer than softwoods, produces less smoke, and will not spark-up as cheaper firewood will. Cheap firewood is often a mixed-bag of various types of hardwoods and softwoods and will burn inconsistently and often flare-up.

Another reason why red gum hardwood is the best in Australia is because it is a sustainable firewood.

Sustainable Red Gum Firewood

While sitting around a warm fireplace on a cold winter night is a popular pastime, the main problem is the source of firewood. The demand for firewood and the current rate of population growth are causing more trees to be cut down than ever before, which is why it is important to find a reliable source of sustainable firewood, such as John Tiras Pty Ltd.

At John Tiras, we believe in protecting Australia’s native forests and source our red gum firewood from sustainable sources – farm-grown firewood.

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