Essential Attributes of a Good Firewood

February 25, 2019

There are many good reasons for people to start a fire, such as for cooking and roasting food, for keeping warm on cold nights in front of a fireplace, or as a light source for camping out under the stars. Most people don’t think much about the type of wood they will use to start a fire, but there are definitely essential attributes of a good firewood.

Not all wood burns the same or have the same characteristics, and understanding what are the essential attributes of a good firewood will help you get the most from the fire you plan to start.

Below are the essential attributes of good firewood:

Hardwood and softwood – understanding the difference between hardwood and softwood is important to appreciate ‘good’ firewood. Basically, softwood is easier to ignite and burns fairly quickly compared to hardwood. While hardwood burns much longer and produces less smoke than softwood. Softwood is best used to get a fire started, and hardwood for keeping a fire burning.

Consistent heat – if you are trying to stay warm on a cold winter night, or you are cooking over and open fire, then you want a firewood that burns hot. While some softwoods burn hot, these often flare-up, produces a lot of smoke, and does not burn for very long. On the other hand, hardwood such as red gum is recommended because it provides consistent heat, burns slowly without flare-ups, and produces little smoke.

Sustainability – because nearly all firewood burned in Victoria comes from local sources, the most essential attribute of a good firewood is sustainability. Because of this, the best firewood to use is red gum. Not only is it a hardwood that burns slowly, has a high heat content, produces little smoke, adds flavour to food, but it is also locally sourced and a sustainable source of firewood.

For all the reasons mentioned above, red gum firewood is the preferred firewood to use in Victoria. While there are many suppliers of red gum firewood, it is highly advised to make sure that their firewood is from sustainable sources.

There is currently no official accreditation program for gathering firewood from forests in the state, which is why it is important for consumers to seek out confirmed suppliers of sustainable, farm-grown red gum firewood. So as not to contribute to the destruction and deforestation of Victoria’s forests.

For a reliable supplier of sustainable firewood in Victoria, visit John Tiras Pty Ltd.

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