Differences between Briquettes and Charcoal

June 14, 2017

Australians enjoy a good barbecue, whenever possible, and when it comes to using the best fuel for grilling the majority of people choose to use quality charcoal rather than gas to cook their food. The reason is simple, food tastes much better when it is barbecued over quality charcoal than it does using gas. With that said, choosing the type of quality charcoal matters, which has raised a question many people are asking as regards to the difference between briquettes and charcoal.

Briquettes and Charcoal, What’s the Difference?

To those new to barbecuing, charcoal is just charcoal, right? Well, many years ago that may have been true, but not today, that is because there is a wide selection of fuel choices to choose from, such as old fashioned charcoal, natural wood charcoal, lump charcoal, and charcoal briquettes. So, deciding which charcoal to buy for your next barbecue with family and friends can seem like a daunting choice, indeed.

To be able to choose the best fuel for your barbecue, it is important to know the differences between charcoal and briquettes, particularly high-quality Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes.

Steady heat source – maintaining a steady temperature is one of the most important aspects of grilling, otherwise food like meat can be unevenly seared, and that can affect the taste. Compared to lump coal and lower quality charcoal that generally burns hotter faster, and then cools even quicker, Heat Beads BBQ briquettes burn longer and maintains a steady temperature, allowing you to cook your food evenly, throughout.

Consistent size – also, another difference between charcoal and briquettes is that lump charcoal is not consistent in size, which can cause food such as meat to char unevenly. While briquettes are manufactured all the same size and lay out under a grille perfectly level, which ensures that heat is distributed evenly and food is cook thoroughly, throughout.

Smoke and flavour – placing hardwood like oak and hickory chips or logs on top of charcoal allows you to flavour your food. Using briquettes for smoking food is best because it burns longer and more consistent than standard charcoal, which means that food gets properly smoked and tastes delicious.

According to professional cooks, charcoal is best used when you want to cook food fasts, such as hot dogs and hamburgers, but for most other foods, especially meats, it is best to use Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes.

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