Common Mistakes that People Make When Lighting Charcoals

February 28, 2018

There is no denying that Australians love to barbecue food, it is a favourite past-time. However, when it comes time to lighting the charcoal, many people make common mistakes that can ruin the taste of the food they are preparing to grill. Most people when lighting charcoal for barbecuing are using gas or lighter fluid to start their fires, but this is not advisable, for a few important reasons.

Common Mistakes Lighting Charcoals

How you light a charcoal fire is important for cooking, for a few reasons, mainly, for the sake of safety. Below are common mistakes people should avoid when lighting charcoals for barbecuing:

  1. Pouring gas on charcoal to start a fire. Actually, any professional cook will agree that pouring gas on charcoal to start a fire is highly unsafe. Not only is it unsafe, but some people make the mistake of pouring gas on burning charcoal – a highly dangerous mistake that can easily cause personal injury, as gas has a high flash point and vapours that can actually cause gas to ignite up to 12 feet away from a heat source or open flame.
  2. Using lighter fluid on charcoal. Much like gasoline, lighter fluid is an easy way to start a fire, however, when used on charcoal it negatively affects the flavour of your food.
  3. Chimney starters are not used. Surprisingly, many people are still not aware of how easy it is to start a charcoal fire using a chimney starter like the Heat Beads BBQ Chimney. Because of this, people will use gas or lighter fluid to fire up the charcoal for their barbecue. Chimney starters are cylindrical in shape and have a handle for easy use. Charcoal is placed inside the cylinder and wadded-up newspaper can be effectively used to get the fire started.
  4. Not using Heat Beads Firelighters. The easiest, safest, and affordable way to light premium charcoal is by using Heat Beads Firelighters. These are specially designed, safe to use, and self-igniting charcoal from John Tiras Pty Ltd – a popular retailer and wholesaler of premium charcoal, firewood, Heat Beads BBQ Chimneys, and Heat Beads Firelighters.

If you are an avid barbecue cook, or a professional commercial cook, and you need to light your charcoal fast, while protecting the taste of the food you grill, then avoid using gas or lighter fluid. Instead, visit John Tiras and get your hands on some premium charcoal, Heat Beads Firelighters, or a Heat Beads BBQ Chimney to fire-up your barbecue.

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