Best Tips on Spit Roasting Using Redgum Firewood

July 27, 2018

There is nothing like roasting on all-natural solid firewood. Aside from the obvious flair of old-world finesse and professionalism that solid firewood exudes, it also has an air of nostalgia and just the right hint of ruggedness that makes a simplistic food preparation method seem like a magical thing.

Choosing the right type of firewood for your roasting needs is of paramount importance, and while there’s a bevy of firewood out there that’s ready for the picking, not all woods are the same. Roasting is a slow-to-mild-temperature cooking method that is well known for helping to retain the juiciness and moisture of meat without saturating it in its own fats.

It is also well known for its capacity to impart unique aromatic and flavour profiles to the meat being cooked. All of this, of course, is made possible thanks to the choice of wood. One of the finest hardwoods that you can employ for almost any roasting application is redgum.

Spit Roasting Using Redgum Firewood

Endemic to the wilds and brush of Australia, redgum is a large hardwood tree that is renowned for its density and heft. These features, plus the added bonus of its being slightly aromatic, makes redgum firewood ideal for barbecuing. If you are new to cooking with redgum, there are some key elements that you need to be aware of if ever you’re going to use it for spit roasting, grilling, or any other cooking method.

Here are some of the best tips on spit roasting using redgum firewood:

  • Watch the amount you use – redgum is a very dense and heavy wood. Because of its density, it will burn hotter and longer than most types of firewood. Because of this, use the wood sparingly, or mix it with other wood to amp the heat without having your fire becoming too hot.
  • It doesn’t always need to be centre-stage – while redgum is a very desirable wood for cooking, you don’t always have to use it exclusively for every imaginable application. Experiment with using redgum for adding nuance, flavour and aroma, without having to rely on it solely for heat.
  • Stockpile it – it is a prudent idea to stockpile redgum before spit roasting, to make sure you have more than enough on hand to finish what you’re cooking. Also, redgum might not be a scarce plant, but aging the wood will make it become drier and more aromatic.

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