Best Kindling Products for Your Every Need

March 15, 2021

If you have ever tried to start a camp fire, or a fire for grilling or cooing food, then you know how difficult it can be without some dry, easy to burn wood – kindling. Without out kindling, large pieces of wood are very difficult to catch on fire. This is why having quality kindling available to start a fire in your fireplace or barbecue grill is important.

The Best Types of Wood for Kindling

The best wood options for kindling are always small, dry wood that can be arranged under larger pieces of hardwood that promotes effective burning conditions. Ideally, dry softwood, chopped into small pieces, such as Cedar, Fir, and Pine are the best to use as kindling, as they are well-known for quickly catching fire easily.

However, even if these types of wood are not available, the most important characteristic that makes for good kindling is to use softwood that is dry and chopped into long thin pieces. Australia has many softwood species, and most kindling that are bagged and sold in stores are typically an assortment of dry softwoods.

While softwood is good for starting a fire, and the flame and heat it produces is hot enough to cook with, softwood burns too quickly and will not last long and you will have to use a large volume of wood in a short time to get any cooking done. For maintaining a fire in fireplaces, or for cooking and grilling food, for best results, it is best to use hardwood to maintain a slow burning fire.

The Perfect Combination of Softwood and Hardwood – Kindling and Red Gum Firewood

Starting a fire using quality kindling, and keeping the fire going with slow burning hardwood, such as red gum firewood, is the best way to keep warm on cold nights next to your fireplace, or for cooking food over an open pit or BBQ grill. Red gum has a light reddish hue and is known for its appealing smokey aroma. It is a favoured firewood in Australia for use in fireplaces and as a fuel source for cooking food and smoking meat.

If you want to start a fire easily, for heating your home or for cooking, you can find quality kindling and a renewable source of red gum firewood in Melbourne, at John Tiras – a premier wholesaler and supplier of quality kindling, firewood, charcoal, Heat Beads Firelighters, Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes, and an assortment of paper products.

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