Best Charcoal Choices for Weekend Spit Roast

September 27, 2018

Are you planning a weekend spit roast with family and friends? If you are, then you will want to capture that desired wood-smoked flavour. To achieve that, you need the best charcoal choice for the job, such as mallee root charcoal.

Mallee root charcoal is the best charcoal choice for your planned weekend spit roast, as it provides a natural heat source that will not negatively affect the taste of your food. Instead, mallee root charcoal actually imparts a rich authentic smoky flavour that people love when spit roasting food.

Mallee Root is the Best Charcoal Choice for Your Weekend Spit Roast

If you want an all-natural fuel that doesn’t negatively affect the food you want to roast, then mallee root charcoal is the best choice, as it gives your spit roasted food that smoky flavour people have come to love and expect. Other reasons why mallee root charcoal is the best choice of fuel include the following:

Burns slowly – if you are planning a weekend spit roast, then you need a long-lasting fuel like mallee root charcoal. It burns consistently and evenly, perfect for slow cooking meat. Charcoal made from mallee root is slow-burning and provides the needed heat to properly cook meats thoroughly and evenly.

It is a natural and renewable product – mallee root charcoal is a 100-percent natural fuel that burns cleanly, and it does not contain any toxic chemicals that will pollute the atmosphere or negatively affects the taste of your food like other charcoals.

Using mallee root charcoal supports local industries – mallee root charcoal is produced locally here in Australia. Choosing to use it as your fuel for spit roasting supports local industries, such as the farms where mallee trees are grown and replanted, and the businesses that make and sell mallee root charcoal.

It’s affordable – not only is mallee root charcoal the best for spit roasting food because it is long-burning and maintains a consistent temperature, but also because it is an affordable local fuel source that is non-toxic.

There are many brands of charcoal available, but most people usually base their decision on the cheapest lump charcoal they can find, not knowing the benefits that quality natural charcoal offers them.

If you have plans for a weekend spit roast with friends and family, and you want your food to have that smoky flavour people crave, then make sure you get the best charcoal you can – mallee root charcoal, from John Tiras Pty Ltd.

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