Benefits of Buying Wholesale Lump Charcoal For Restaurant BBQ Needs

September 13, 2021

When it comes to cooking with gas or charcoal, restaurant BBQ in Australia choose to use charcoal for grilling food. Why is that? Basically, it is because food tastes much better when cooked over quality charcoal than gas.

Not only do restaurant BBQs in Australia prefer to use quality charcoal products to grill food rather than gas because food tastes better, but there are other benefits of using charcoal products. Here are some of the benefits that restaurant BBQ gain by using wholesale lump charcoal products to grill food.

Wholesale Lump Charcoal Is Cost Effective

Compared to cooking food with gas, restaurant BBQ save money by using charcoal to grill food for their customers. Not only is charcoal affordable to cook with, but a simple charcoal or wood grill is much cheaper than a gas grill which have expensive parts, such as burners, fittings, gas tubes, and even electrical parts to maintain.

Wholesale Lump Charcoal Has Easy To Move Charcoal Grills

Commercial gas grills are large and cumbersome to move, charcoal grills are not, they can be moved fairly easy if needed, which allows cooks to grill outside on clear days if desired.

Wholesale Lump Charcoal Food Tastes Better

Ultimately, the main reason restaurant BBQ choose to use charcoal is simple to understand because food tastes better when grilled over quality charcoal, rather than cooking on gas or electric grills. People long for that smoky barbecue food taste that only quality charcoal can deliver, which is why restaurant BBQ in Australia are very popular. Because people crave smoky barbecue charcoal flavour on grilled food, restaurant BBQ make sure to use only quality charcoal.

Best Types Of Charcoal For Restaurant BBQ In Australia

There are many kinds of charcoal products available today, and when it comes time to barbecue food, most people will often just choose the cheapest lump charcoal available. However, experienced BBQ chefs know that it is the quality and types of charcoal that gives food that smoky flavour people grave.

It is highly advised that restaurant BBQ avoid using inexpensive charcoal because it gives off inconsistent flavour. Instead, it is recommended to use quality lump charcoal products, such as Mallee Root charcoal, Mangrove charcoal, or Head Beads BBQ Briquettes when grilling food for patrons. These quality charcoal products will imbue grilled food with that smoky flavour people have come to love.

Restaurant BBQ in Australia can find a reliable source of wholesale quality charcoal products, such as Mallee Root charcoal, Mangrove charcoal, and Head Beads BBQ Briquettes, here at John Tiras – a premier supplier of quality charcoal products and firewood.

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